Автор Тема: Heroic ambition  (Прочитано 525 раз)

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Heroic ambition
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Came to Guang'anmen Street, passed a pond, suddenly saw the big shopkeeper stopped, but his eyes looked at the pond, followed by Ramesh, but saw the snow kindly, piled up at the bottom of the pond, but the water had already dried up. The colder the winter, the drier the summer, Ramosh looked at the account book every year, and the world's grain harvest was naturally reciting backwards. He looked at the back of the big shopkeeper and could not help smiling bitterly. No matter how smart and capable this man is, he still has to eat according to the weather. Now that God has a problem, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. Just as he was about to ask, the big shopkeeper looked at the withered pool water and suddenly said, "Little fish.." "Little Fish?" Every word of the big shopkeeper had a profound meaning. When Ramosh heard this, he naturally thought to himself, "Fish?"? Is it Yu or Yu? What does that mean? He was also well-read, and immediately thought of Yu Yu's double surname in the court, and was speculating about who was making trouble, when he heard the big shopkeeper whisper. The little fish crossed the hook, the moon on the West River, accompanied by the night boat, and the breeze in the basket. Smiling at the blue waves without waves, the leaves accompany the frog friends, and the pond is full of flowers. The big shopkeeper was suddenly in high spirits, and actually began to recite children's words. Ramesh looked at a loss and listened resentfully. He heard the three words "freedom" all the way. Deng suddenly realized: "Tyranny will perish. His mistress can't stand the abuse. Now he wants to be free." His heart "ah" a few times, but also calculated the big shopkeeper's mind. Why did he receive several tip-offs today, but he had no time to deal with them? Why is he so wily that he sighs at the pond today? Presumably, his mistress could not stand the poison and finally wanted to run away. According to today's situation,Dissolved Gas Flotation, the "Heavenly Daughter of Protecting the Country" fornicated and became pregnant, and wanted to give birth to the child. It happened that the big shopkeeper had a cool nature and insisted on her abortion, but it inevitably aroused the hatred of the goddess of heaven, and now she must have come to clean her up. As for why to look for oneself to come over, want to think of family dirty linen can not be publicized, such private affairs inconvenience to bring escort to come over, only to find oneself this tight-lipped old bookkeeper, only reliable. Ramesh used to be like an eminent monk. He used to bang on a cold wooden fish every day. Naturally, he committed murder and arson, and committed all kinds of crimes. After returning to the secular world,Lamella Plate Settler, he married and had children. Every day, he held a baby that could cry and scream. He became a merciful father. Remembering that eliminating mistresses was harmful to Yin De, he sighed in a low voice. A good man is hard to do, but a bad man is easy to do. Sure enough, he sighed. The big shopkeeper immediately curled his eyes and asked, "What are you sighing for?"? Don't you like that word? Ramesh was startled. "No, no, no," he said. Just as he was trying to push it off, the big shopkeeper added, "Master Rama, it is said that you are knowledgeable in literature and know everything about the classics and history. What do you think this poem is trying to say?"? Can you explain it for me? Ramosh gave a cry and thought of the word "freedom." Just as he was about to explain, he suddenly saw the big shopkeeper staring at him. His eyes were not good. He was also very intelligent, so he suppressed the conversation. He lowered his head and counted the number of words in the whole word. He put his hands together and said, "I would like to report to the big shopkeeper that there are 37 words in that word just now. Every word is brilliant. What he said is very meaningful." The shopkeeper nodded his head and said, "I know you have something. Why don't you come again?"? Ramesh was an expert in bookkeeping, literary, historical, and arithmetical. He was usually eloquent, but when he thought of the freedom of his secret mistress, wall penstocks ,rapid sand filters, he seemed to choke on a big steamed bun and could not speak. He intended to be perfunctory and procrastinate. He put his hands together and bowed. Then he took out his handkerchief and wiped his cold sweat carefully. Seeing that the shopkeeper's eyes were getting colder and colder, he simply crossed his heart, clapped his hands, and said, "Congratulations, shopkeeper!"! He Xi, the big shopkeeper! "What are you congratulating me for?" Said Junju Yixuan, the shopkeeper. Ramoshi exulted, "According to the repeated deliberations of his subordinates, this word has a profound meaning. I'm afraid it means praising the benevolent rule of the imperial court and promoting Chinese culture." Little fish swimming around, actually related to the great China? Seeing that the big shopkeeper was quite surprised, Ramosh quickly shook his head and intoned, "Guanzi has a saying:" The vast water nurtures the fish. That is to say, between the monarch and his subjects, it is like a fish in water. Think of our vast and magnificent country in China. There are moons, flowers, hooks, and everything. It is as beautiful as a blooming pond.. With admiration in their hearts, the fish naturally filed in. The fish swam in the cauldron. Amitabha, they were all free.
" The "big shopkeeper" did not lose his temper. He shook his head, smiled, and then turned around and walked away. Ramesh escaped with a sigh of relief. When we arrived at the Guang'anmen Amusement Park, the place was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, jubilant, but it was time to celebrate the New Year. The big shopkeeper turned several street corners, and a row of pastry shops appeared in front of him, presumably to be inspected. Ramosh bowed and said, "I'd like to report to the shopkeeper that there are eighty-seven dim sum shops here. Last year, six old shops were closed and three new shops were opened. They paid a total of 1,877 taels of silver tax.." Just then, the "big shopkeeper" went to the dim sum shop beside him and asked, "Shopkeeper, are things ready?" A shopkeeper greeted him. He pushed a cart and said, "All right!"! Ok! Bean Paste Dumpling, crab shell yellow, horseshoe yellow, pea yellow, rice cake, two bags of each kind, ready early. If someone else walked into the dim sum shop, Ramesh would not even look at it, but this man was the "big shopkeeper", but Ramesh was full of surprise. After the big shopkeeper goes out, he never takes food outside. Even if he is given food and wine by the emperor, he only makes a gesture to touch it. Unexpectedly, he was in such a good mood today that he wanted to buy a snack? Just as he was about to ask, the big shopkeeper came out with a cart full of cakes and snacks. When the big boss came to work hard, Ramesh was shocked. He hurriedly rushed forward and shouted, "Big shopkeeper, you'd better let your subordinates come down." The shopkeeper shook his head and said, "Once a year, don't steal my fun." He sent Ramesh away, and, with a cart full of refreshments, went straight to Anding Men, but out of the city. Inexplicably one day, the first big shot of the inn pushed the dim sum cart forward, and the six masters accompanied him silently behind his back. If this matter was to be spread out, the angry bandits would burst their bellies with laughter. Ramosh looked at his boss's back and shook his head with a wry smile. The big shopkeeper is busy every day, but why is he pushing dim sum everywhere today? Xiangyang city war emergency, Yangzhou ferry magic knife was robbed, doesn't he care? Thinking that the whole family had settled down in Beijing,Rotating sludge scraper, Ramesh had to go to the cart and asked in a low voice, "Big shopkeeper, what is the situation in the southwest? Have we lost?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com