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Dark civilization
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Hearing the handsome young man's words, the female emperor's cold cheeks changed slightly. Then she clenched her teeth and shouted, "Array, the Rock of Nations!" The dark army behind her, suddenly like a fish swimming in the deep sea, quickly changed shape, everyone held each other's palms, the strength of the body circulated along the meridians to the acupoints of the palm, mutual circulation, and finally converged on a burly man behind the female emperor. The burly man stood there, his face expressionless, his bronzed skin half-reflecting the cold luster of metal, like a lifeless machine, but in him, there was a kind of indomitable spirit, a powerful momentum, like an ancient giant! Whoosh! The pupil of the burly man suddenly flashed an extreme golden light, his body suddenly burst out, his fist like a tiger, tearing the air into a large fragment, and hitting the handsome young man's chest hard. The handsome young man's toes slid back against the void, his fists always following closely on his chest,Magnesium Oxide price, and he only needed to stop to hit. His face did not change, after sliding thousands of feet, his body suddenly twisted, out of the shadow of the strong man's fist, and quickly turned over and pointed out. Whoosh! A bright golden light burst out and hit the burly man's eyes. The burly man was calm in the face of danger. His fist swept out and broke the golden light. Then he came to the handsome man in a flash. The palm as big as a cattail leaf fan grabbed him fiercely. The speed was so fast that before the handsome man could react, he hit him on the back. Kaka ~ The sound of broken bones sounded, and with this slap, the handsome man's whole back was broken! Chapter 176 the realm of time. A dull pain filled the back of the handsome young man's spine in an instant. If a person's spine was broken,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the pain would be unimaginable. However, as if nothing had happened, he calmly turned around and hit the burly man's chest with a terrible hand, imprinting a burning brand. The burly man stepped back a few steps, looked up at the handsome man with an expressionless face, and rushed up like a hungry tiger. The handsome man's body, like a limp snake, twisted in a strange gesture in the air to avoid the burly man's fist, and then suddenly flashed a deep black light between his eyebrows, which shot out and enveloped the burly man like an electric fence. The burly man grabbed it with both hands and tore the energy net in an instant. When he chased it out again, the handsome man had taken advantage of the gap time to retreat thousands of miles in an instant. His broken spine made a mechanical sound and straightened his body again. The broken bones were compounded together. There was no pain on his face, but he had an intoxicated smile. The power of a group of ants can burst out such a powerful force, but unfortunately, it doesn't have much effect in front of me. He raised his palm, and a sharp black rapier appeared in his palm, shining with a murderous look, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, like ink, shooting at the dark crowd behind the female emperor. Zhuge Fan's face slightly changed, did not expect this man at a glance found that this burly man is not a real creature, but a specially refined fighting machine, the body filled with the strength of countless emperors behind the peak of the strong, to be able to burst out comparable to the strength of the strong! If the big array formed by the strong people behind him is broken, the burly man will naturally lose his strength. This is also the biggest defect of this array, irreparable, therefore, this array has been rarely used in the past, even in the face of the rest of the forces, it has not been used. And this kind of array, in the ten empires, nine of them have their own set, which is handed down from ancient times.
The female emperor stared coldly at the handsome man and clenched the exquisite sword in her hand. The hilt of the sword was inlaid with brilliant gems, depicting many secret patterns. It was extremely powerful. It was the virtual celestial weapon of the Rock God Empire, Tianyan Sword! According to the ancestral precepts of the emperors of the past Dynasties, this sword is said to be forged by a piece of geocentric rock essence, which has been smelted for ninety thousand years. It belongs to the weapon with the longest endurance among the nine original virtual celestial objects on the ancient continent. After the rest of the virtual celestial objects are used, they will need a period of self-cultivation to fill the energy consumed inside. However, this Tianyan Sword can recover by itself, as long as the user steps on the earth. There is inexhaustible power! Zhuge Fan noticed the eyes of the female emperor, in the heart dark frightened, but did not say much, but the body is more alert, firmly protect her side. The black rapier that rushed behind him was blocked by thousands of figures that suddenly rose into the sky. As soon as these thousands of figures rushed out, they joined hands to display a huge sword, which gathered the strength of thousands of people. The sword was shining with magnificent and vast breath, and the cold sword gas was far away, which could make people feel deeply. The best defense is offense. The black rapier was resisted by the sword that thousands of people used together, and they could not be separated in the exchange of blows. The handsome man frowned slightly when he saw this scene. Before he could see much, his body suddenly flashed and disappeared. In the place where he had stood, a figure trampled down fiercely, and when his strong thighs stepped on the void, he could see a concave arc of air. The burly man missed the shot, and his figure followed him like a shadow, chasing the handsome man who had dodged. When they were fighting, the two children were always smiling at what had happened. One of the boys took a tender step and turned to the girl beside him and said, "I'll go to see you first. You can see my good play." "If it doesn't work, I'm going to do it." The girl grinned. With an unruly smile, the boy held his head high and looked at the thousands of strong people behind the female emperor and others. His body flashed and swept away. Zhuge Fan frowned, next to him another carefully selected bodyguard body has rushed up, although their duty is to guard the female emperor, but at this moment, he knew there was no choice. The female emperor said calmly, "Don't be too restrained around me. Once you have an opportunity, you should do it immediately." The other four men looked at each other, and two of them rushed towards the boy to assist the previous guard. The three of them immediately crossed in front of the boy, their weapons in front of them,dap diammonium phosphate, their bodies emitting rich energy fluctuations, such as the turbulent sea rolling, staring coldly at the boy. stargrace-magnesite.com