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Extreme Madman of Online Games 2
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Ares was about to leave when a dark shadow flashed out of the darkness and blocked his way. Wait, I have something to say. Boss, why did you send him instead of me? I am also very interested in this task, and I am more familiar with the local conditions and customs of Yan and Huang than he is, so it must be like a fish in water to carry out the task. Only I am the best person to carry out this task. So I'm asking you to change the delegation. "Huan Yu, this is a mission, don't make trouble!"! Get out of my way at once. If you make trouble out of nothing, don't blame me for being rude! Ares can be considered to find a legitimate reason, immediately put on an offensive posture, to block the way of the magic feather silent transmission of a message-dare not give way, I will kill you right away! Volume 2 The enemy is strong and I am ruthless. Chapter 3 The enemy appears. The magic feather was not moved at all by the compelling momentum of Ares, but Yin Yin looked at Ares who had pulled away his posture and turned around in an instant. When he confronted him again, a black cloak that could reach the ground covered his body from head to foot. The cloak came so abruptly that it appeared in front of the three of them as if by magic. Looking at the ghost-like magic feather, a trace of cool air can not be suppressed from the three people's backbone ditch rise-magic feather is too weird! "Huan Yu, what are you doing?" Isaac asked in a harsh voice. Seeing that Huan Yu did not move, he shouted angrily, "Do you still have me in your eyes?" Head, you should know better than anyone whether I have you in my eyes. What I am doing is a protest against your unfair appointment. If you don't change your mind, I will defeat Ares, or be defeated by him, and choose the best person by force. "You" Isaac's eyes flashed sharply, suddenly pulled open the desk drawer, took out a laser pistol from inside and pointed it at the magic feather, "Bastard, get out of my way right now!"! If you make me angry again, I'll shoot you! The atmosphere became tense as Isaac raised his gun! Hidden in his cloak,Magnesium Oxide powder, Huan Yu looked at the pistol and Isaac, who was gnashing his teeth, and said lightly, "If you really want to kill me, shoot me.". You want me to get out of the way? No. "You!" Blue veins jumped on his forehead, scars twisted and twitched on his face, and the hand holding the grab turned from steady to trembling slightly. Isaac was really angry! Isaac, is it necessary to be so angry? Since Huan Yu wants to go, let him go. At the worst,Magnesium Oxide MgO, send a few more teams. As for going to war? Huan Yu said is not unreasonable, he himself is Yanhuang people, of course, understand their motherland, really suitable for this mission. Come on, don't get angry. Ice is willing to persuade, conveniently took the gun in Isaac's hand and put it back in the drawer. Looking at Isaac's contorted face, he couldn't help laughing to himself: Isaac, who can kill ferociously like pulling weeds, can be driven into a rage, but he has no alternative. Huan Yu is really not an ordinary tough man. It is estimated that the whole West can't find the second one! Bastard, if Icefield hadn't interceded for you, I'd have shot you! Well, since you want to carry out the task so much, you can lead the two teams of Gemini and Aquarius to Yanhuang. Remember, when it comes to Yan and Huang, you must work together with Ares and never fight each other again. Do you understand? When he found the steps, Isaac took advantage of the situation to change the subject. He was just making a show. How could he kill his right-hand man casually? Don't worry, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, boss, if Ares doesn't provoke me, I will work well with him. All right, I'm going to recruit the team right away. Stretching out his hand from the cloak and shaking it gently, Huan Yu turned around unhurriedly, walked steadily to the door, pulled the door open, and walked out slowly. Ares gazed at the back of Huan Yu, with a murderous look in his eyes. Huan Yu, since you are going to die, I will help you. When the task is completed, I will bury you in the land of Yan and Huang by the way! "I'm leaving, too, boss." Nodding to Isaac and the Icefield, he hurried away. Icefield, thank you for providing me with such important information. I'll take you out for coffee some other time. Forget it, you are so stingy, I won't go.
” Icefield smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and lowered his voice. "Isaac, you can't afford to buy me coffee, can you?"? What about your money? Is it all in Elaine's hands? "Icefield, you should do whatever you want.". Don't talk nonsense here! Staring at the ice field resentfully, Isaac, who had been poked in the sore spot, pushed him angrily to the door, pushed him out of the door, and slammed the door with a good afternoon! "Ha-ha" Icefield looked at the closed door, shook his head, and walked away with a smile. In the room, Isaac's face slowly faded from anger and irritability, and a deep grief came to his face. "William, my child, rest in peace. Father will avenge you and heal your pain with the blood of his enemies." Yanhuang, S city, does not fall the imperial flag headquarters. Several flag bosses expressed their views on whether to reconcile with Xiqingtian and quarreled, but they could not get the same result. In fact, in addition to Liu Lang, other people from the heart to the outside do not want to fight with the west, can be clear about the intention of Liu Lang, they can only euphemistically persuade each other, do not want to speak sternly against hurt harmony. How could Liu Lang not be clear about everyone's ideas, but he could not put aside the exhibition Hawkeye, one side is the lives of his brothers, one side is clank oath, he is really in a dilemma. The meeting went on for more than an hour, but there was no progress at all. Liu Lang finally couldn't help it. "All right, don't make any noise.". Eve's side has not yet come to the news, we first quarrel, what is this? When the news of Eve comes, it's not too late for everyone to quarrel. The meeting is adjourned! Ignoring the stunned crowd, he walked out of the meeting room with a sullen face. Look at each other, you look at me, I look at you, Qi Qi sighed, "Oh,potassium sulphate fertilizer, no wonder Lian Zi is not happy, but they risked their lives to accompany Lian Zi to Dongsang.". Isn't it a little unrighteous for us to be like this? "Ice, it's not that we are not loyal. How many brothers will we die in this battle?"? We have fallen more than a dozen good brothers in the battle of Yingxiangmen. Isn't that enough? Must everyone be dead before it's called loyalty? The pacifier muttered as he looked at the door. stargrace-magnesite.com