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Original Title: Troika Drives Hundreds of Billions of Industries — — Visit to Changsha, an Important New Material City in China On the eve of the 2022 China Advanced Material Industry Innovation and Development Conference and Changsha New Material Industry Expo, Fang Hong, chairman of Taijia Stock Company, was interviewed by some central and provincial media. Taijia, a listed company, was awarded the single manufacturing champion cultivation enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2018, and is the drafting unit of the national standard for bimetallic band saw blades and the industry standard for cemented carbide band saw blades. Changsha Tianchuang Powder Technology Co., Ltd. The company's main business involves powder equipment, powder technology and powder materials. At present, its main products include scientific research equipment such as laboratory crushing, grinding, screening, stirring, mixing, forming, sintering and glove operation box. Li Zhi, Li Dawei and Zhou Ni On June 25, the opening ceremony of the 2022 China Advanced Material Industry Innovation and Development Conference and Changsha New Material Industry Expo was solemnly held in Changsha. As one of the 700 billion industries, the overall scale of Changsha's new material industry is in the first place in the provincial capital cities of China. The three dominant industries of advanced energy storage materials, new alloy materials and carbon-based materials are like a troika, which has brought out the strong background and vitality of Changsha's 100 billion industries. As if inadvertently, a new material industry center has emerged in central China. Interested people can not help but ask: is the new material enterprises chose Changsha, or Changsha chose the new material industry? Why does Changsha stand out in the fierce industrial competition? ? Expand the full text Advanced energy storage materials: sprint 100 billion industry On May 13, there was an industrial and commercial change in the lithium-ion battery material supplier Faenright New Energy, adding Beijing Millet Manufacturing Equity Investment Fund and Hubei Millet Yangtze River Industrial Fund as shareholders. Millet has invested in at least 35 automotive industry chain enterprises in recent years, mainly covering the whole vehicle, upstream and downstream supply chain, travel, automotive aftermarket and other fields. This is a market portrayal of the booming production and marketing of new energy vehicles and new materials industries. Products of Xiangtou Jintian Titanium Company. The company has always adhered to the mode of independent research and development, innovation and development. In 2007, it independently developed the first new mode of "titanium-steel combination", the first large coil heavy wide titanium strip coil in China, which successfully filled the domestic gap, changed the pattern of China's titanium coil and titanium welded pipe relying on imports, and was praised as a milestone in the development of China's titanium industry. In 2008 and 2009, cold-rolled titanium strip coils and titanium welded pipes were developed successively, providing important new material support for China's strategic industries such as aerospace, marine equipment, biomedical, 3C electronics, new energy and petrochemical industry. In the industrial park of Ningxiang High-tech Zone, Shao Junhua, general manager of Hunan Faenlaite New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is excitedly looking forward to the convening of this industry event in Changsha. He said that since 2017, the company has been favored by Dofdo Group, Longpan Science and Technology Chairman Shi Junfeng and Millet, and will focus on the globalization strategy of lithium battery electrolyte in the future, and strive to become the second largest supplier of lithium battery electrolyte in the world. The rapid development of the new energy automobile industry has directly led to the rapid business performance of Faen Wright in the past year, with its sales increasing by more than 100%, and is expected to continue to grow at a high speed in the next few years. Shao Junhua, the founder of Faen Wright, started his business in Henan in 2014. Three years later, the industrial ecology of Changsha was determined to settle in Ningxiang High-tech Zone. Changsha's industrial development is very strong, the industrial chain is very perfect, and the government is also very supportive. In the future, the headquarters of the company may be moved and listed in three to five years. Not far from Faen Wright Changsha Industrial Park, Bangsheng New Energy Project is advancing at full speed. Plant 2 completed 80% of the steel beam task, scientific research building pile foundation construction completed about 80%, the first production line is expected to be put into trial production in August. In 2021, Bangsheng Group's lithium iron phosphate project landed in Ningxiang High-tech Zone and officially started construction on September 16. It took only one month for the project to start construction from the signing of investment invitation. In the process of construction, government departments and parks seamlessly dock with enterprise executives, plan to guide enterprises to successfully transform from traditional real estate enterprises, and help them solve the problems of capital, talent and other constraints on development.
After the entry of Bangpu Cycle, Ningxiang City has provided more than 1000 mu of project land support for enterprises,titanium exhaust tubing, built supporting industrial sewage treatment plants and new energy heating systems, guaranteed the rapid development of enterprises in an all-round way, helped enterprises expand from the first phase to the seventh phase, and grew into the largest battery recycling leading enterprise in Asia with sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan. Liu Bangqian, general manager of Changsha Bangsheng New Energy Co., Ltd., said: "We are full of confidence in the future development, so the investment assets can be continuously increased from 60,000 tons in the first three phases, and eventually the annual output target will be aimed at 300,000 tons in the second phase of 150,000 tons + 150,000 tons.". We are optimistic about the business environment and energy storage materials industry ecology here! With the increasing depletion of traditional energy sources and the rapid rise of new energy sources, advanced energy storage technology has become the lifeblood of the energy revolution. By 2025, the sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach about 20% of the total sales of new vehicles, while electric vehicles will account for more than 50% of the market share of lithium battery applications, which means that the market demand for advanced energy storage materials industry for new energy vehicles will exceed 1 trillion yuan in the next five years, which will bring huge market demand for energy storage materials. In the product exhibition area of Jinyang Olefin Carbon Company, the company has invested more than one million yuan in R & D every year in recent years. Faced with the huge market space, the head of Changsha Fudi Battery said that this year, it is necessary to ensure full production of 10g Wh, with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan. There are 113 enterprises and 68 regulated enterprises in Changsha's advanced energy storage material industry, which gather a number of powerful large enterprises such as Zhongwei New Energy, Long-term Lithium Branch,titanium round bar, Basf Shanshan, Hunan Bangpu, Zhongke Star City, Changsha Fudi, Hunan Zhongli and Desai Batt ery, mainly distributed in Ningxiang High-tech Zone, Changsha High-tech Zone and Ningxiang Jingkai District. The upstream and downstream industrial chain of "positive and negative materials, electrolytes, diaphragms-core manufacturing and assembly-terminal application of energy storage batteries-recycling and reuse" has been formed. In 2021, Changsha's advanced energy storage materials industry achieved a total output value of about 70 billion yuan, doubling from 2020, accounting for 70% of the province's total, ranking in the forefront of the country. In 2022, Bangsheng Group's lithium iron phosphate project with a total investment of 12 billion yuan and the long-term lithium battery cathode material expansion project with a total investment of 7 billion yuan were selected as the "Top Ten Industrial Projects" of provinces and municipalities. With the successive production of projects under construction, the total output value of advanced energy storage materials in Changsha is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan this year. New alloy materials: occupy a place in the global industrial chain In the past two years, Fang Hong, chairman of Taijia Stock Company, has been busy serving as a management mentor for other small and medium-sized enterprises, sharing his management experience selflessly while doing a good job in the main business. In October 2003, Fang Hong founded a bimetallic composite material enterprise on a piece of yellow land in Wangcheng Economic Development Zone. At the beginning of the venture, the main business of Taijia shares was bimetallic composite steel strip. Three years later, in 2006, the pattern of metal sawing industry changed dramatically. Taijia's second and third largest customers decided to produce bimetallic composite materials by themselves, and the former partners became competitors. In order to survive, Fang Hong led the company to resolutely decide to extend the industrial chain from bimetallic composite materials to bimetallic band saw blades. The risks and pressures of such a sudden transformation can be imagined. With the Huxiang culture of "suffering, dominating and enduring", Fang Hong, who has the background of overseas entrepreneurship, is determined to lead the team to reach a consensus and take a big step in industrial transformation. In 2007, Taijia acquired Zhonglian Lake Machine, which accelerated the process of scale and industrialization of bimetallic band saw blades through strong alliance and complementary advantages with Zhonglian Heavy Branch. Ten years later, Taijia shares were successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The blade battery developed by Fudi Battery has the safety that other power batteries can not match. When the blade battery is subjected to the needle penetration test, it neither emits smoke nor fires after being penetrated, and its surface temperature only reaches 30 to 60 ° C. The blade battery also passed other extreme test conditions, including crushing, bending, heating to 300 ° C in an oven, overcharging and overdischarging 260%. None of these conditions caused the battery to burn or explode.
Blade batteries ease concerns about the safety of electric vehicle batteries. The figure of Taijia shares is like the epitome of Changsha's new material industry. The broader industrial background is that since the 12th Five-Year Plan, China has issued special policies to encourage and support the development of new materials industry, and a number of leading domestic industrial parks are also actively laying out and developing new materials industry, with innovative achievements emerging. Changsha has also successfully seized the opportunity of the times. In recent years, Changsha's new alloy industry chain has maintained a good development trend. In 2021, the new alloy material industry achieved a revenue of 28.36 billion yuan, an increase of 32.3% over the same period last year. 48 projects were introduced, with a total investment of 9.26 billion yuan and 17 projects of over 100 million yuan, Titanium welding pipe ,titanium tubing price, accounting for 35.4%. In the first quarter of 2022, the total output value will be about 6 billion yuan. As for how Changsha will seize the industrial commanding heights in the future, Fang Hong believes that intensive processing is a realistic way to provide the voice of the international market. Xiangtou Jintian Titanium Gold is also a way of fine processing development. The hot-rolled titanium strip coil with a width of 2040 mm has set a new domestic record; the high-performance corrosion-resistant titanium welded pipe has become Key components of "Hualong One"; high strength and high toughness TC18 titanium alloy helps the development of domestic large aircraft Kunlong AG600. After more than 10 years of development, Hunan titanium processing has built an industrial chain from sponge titanium, titanium ingot, titanium strip coil to titanium welded pipe. The production and sales of titanium strip coil and titanium welded pipe rank first in the country, filling the gaps in China and rewriting the world industry pattern. In fact, Changsha is taking the transformation and upgrading of high-quality finishing as the main line to continuously enhance the voice of the industry. The aluminum alloy and products enterprises led by Shengtong Technology, Changsha Daika and Hengjia Group have formed an industrial chain of "aluminum/aluminum alloy-double zero aluminum foil/aluminum profile/aluminum processing parts-aluminum material application-recycled aluminum"; The titanium material and processing application enterprise with AVIC aircraft landing gear as the leader has formed a titanium alloy industry chain of "titanium sponge-titanium strip coil, titanium alloy powder, titanium alloy 3D printing equipment-titanium alloy landing gear". , Changsha Heijingang, Taijia New Material, Dailer and Baichuan Superhard are the leading cemented carbide enterprises, forming a cemented carbide application industry chain of "powder metallurgy-cutting tools"; Hunan Jinlong Group Hengfei Cable, Jinbei Electrician, Xihu Cable and other enterprises have formed the industrial pattern of intensive processing of copper and aluminum products. Huashu Hi-Tech, Yunjian Group and Dingli Technology are leading in 3D printing technology in China. With its unique technological and market advantages, Shengtong Aluminum Foil has a global share of nearly 40%, CITIC Daika Wheel has a global share of more than 30%, and Black King Kong and Taijia shares have a national share of more than 30%. In the global industrial chain, many new alloy enterprises in Changsha have a strong position in the industry. At about 15 o'clock on June 24, the staff were busy arranging the exhibition. The industry is full of expectations for the upcoming industry event. Photo by Shu Danping Carbon-based Materials Industry: Creating a New Era New materials are known as the "chassis" of manufacturing industry, which is an important foundation for supporting major national projects and strategic emerging industries. Carbon materials have changed the world. Huang Qizhong, a professor at Central South University, believes that carbon-based materials at the base of the "pyramid" of new materials are a typical family with many varieties, wide applications and high added value. Changsha has a number of excellent platforms related to carbon materials, such as the National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Ceramic Fibers and Composites in National University of Defense Technology, the National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Lightweight and High-strength Structural Materials in Central South University, and the National Carbon Engineering Research Center for Carbon Composites. Hunan has the National Graphite Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, which consolidates the research and application foundation for the clustering of Changsha carbon-based industrial chain. Huang Qizhong introduced that in the carbon-based material industry chain, Changsha has obvious advantages in artificial graphite manufacturing, lithium-carbon anode, graphene, carbon/carbon composite materials, carbon material thermal engineering, the third generation of semiconductor silicon carbide, and has academician Huang Boyun and other subject leaders. What Huang Qizhong likes to talk about is that there are many graphene enterprises in Jiangsu, but a local lead-acid battery electric bicycle enterprise spares no effort to adopt the products of Hunan Jinyang Olefin Carbon Material Company located in Liuyang Jingkai District.
Because the graphene prepared by the latter has the advantages of complete carbon atom network, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, and low preparation cost, Changsha graphene has a leading position in performance, and also has good applications in lithium batteries, anti-corrosion materials and so on. The past is the age of silicon, the future is the age of carbon. What is the future market potential? It's estimated to be trillions Liu Jianzhong, chairman of Hunan Jinyang Olefin Carbon New Materials Co., Ltd., asserted. In the view of Liu Jianzhong and his colleagues, the emerging material system dominated by carbon is showing its greater development potential and more challenging industrial influence. Since the transition from the traditional copper and aluminum casting industry to the new graphene material industry in 2012, Jinyang Olefin Carbon has been committed to the R & D and production of graphene and graphite anode materials, and has achieved the mass production of high-purity and few-layer graphene powder, and has built a fully automated production line of graphene and graphite anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Due to its outstanding optical, electrical and mechanical properties, graphene has important development potential in micro-nano processing, materials science, biomedicine, energy and drug delivery, and many countries have promoted the research of this revolutionary new material to a strategic level. Liu Jianzhong said that in the future, the company will rely on the advantages of the carbon-based industrial chain in Changsha to further realize the application of graphene in the industrial field and promote the development of the graphene industry. In Changsha today, there are 63 upstream and downstream enterprises in the carbon-based material industry chain, 42 regulated enterprises and 18 enterprises with output value of over 100 million. Boyun New Material and Jinbo Stock have been listed successfully, and Dingli Science and Technology, Boxiang New Material and Jinyang Olefin Carbon have been listed as key listed cultivation enterprises. The preparation technology of high performance carbon/carbon aviation brake material of Boyun New Material has won the first prize of national technological invention. Toei Carbon's high thermal conductivity pitch carbon fiber preparation technology was awarded the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, and its products are widely used in aerospace, 5G communications and other high-tech fields. The project of Hunan San'an Photoelectric High-tech Zone covers an area of 1000 mu, with an annual output value of 12 billion yuan. It is estimated that the output value will increase by about 20 billion yuan after putting into operation. According to the person in charge of the relevant industrial chain in Changsha, in 2021, the total output value of the carbon-based material industry will be about 6.867 billion yuan, accounting for about 20% of the total output value of the province's carbon-based industry. There are 35 projects with a total investment of 8.317 billion yuan and 14 projects with more than 100 million yuan. In the first quarter of 2022, the output value will reach 1.83 billion yuan, and the total annual output value will reach 7.24 billion yuan. Professor Huang Qizhong said that to make Changsha's carbon-based materials industry cluster bigger and stronger, it is necessary to enhance the leading ability of top enterprises, strengthen the combination of production, teaching and research, consolidate and strengthen the development advantages, and move from domestic advanced to global leading. If the city is compared to a huge new material economy based on technology, industry and trade, then many universities are the technological commanding heights of Changsha's new material industry, and the new material corps led by more than 400 enterprises of scale is the manufacturing base. The booming downstream industries such as new energy vehicles and the rise of the industrial tide of the times are the market potential and unlimited space for the vigorous development of the new material industry. New materials rewrite the development code of the times, and Changsha rewrites the pattern of new materials industry. The tide is flat and the two banks are wide, and the wind is blowing! New material industry elites eagerly look forward to the grand event Li Dawei, Li Zhi and Yi Dan Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new material industry is moving from the accumulation of quantity to the leap of quality, from the breakthrough of point to the improvement of system capability. A generation of new materials, a generation of new equipment, a strong generation of industry. Faen Wright Changsha production area. Since its establishment, the company has been working hard in the field of new energy. Its main customers include Ruipu, Honeycomb, Zhengli, Xingheng, Anchi, Shuangdeng, Xinwangda, Dofdo, Ganfeng Lithium and so on. (Pictures in this edition are provided by relevant enterprises except signature) New materials refer to the newly developed or developing structural materials with excellent properties and functional materials with special properties. It is the key basic raw material in the fields of new generation electronic information technology, aerospace, rail transit, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and supports the development of strategic emerging industries in China.
In the past two years, Changsha has held two consecutive China Advanced Material Industry Innovation and Development Conference and Changsha New Material Industry Exposition, which has produced a better industrial agglomeration effect and promoted the industrial brand. At present, the city has gathered a number of scientific research institutes, such as National Defense University of Science and Technology, Central South University, Hunan University, Changsha Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Changsha Institute of New Materials Industry, five academicians of the two academies in the field of new materials, 100 experts and subject leaders, three key national laboratories for materials, four national engineering and technology research centers, and three national engineering research centers. A national new material regional testing and evaluation center has been established, and a national new material achievement transformation and industrialization base has been built in Changsha High-tech Zone. Ningxiang High-tech Zone National Energy-saving and Environmental Protection New Materials High-tech Industrialization Base, National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base (Battery Materials) and Wangcheng Economic Development Zone National Non-ferrous Metal Materials Intensive Processing High-tech Industrialization Base and other platforms, with the application of local construction machinery, new energy vehicles, aerospace and other industries. The development of new material industry has broad prospects. It is reported that the 2022 China Advanced Material Industry Innovation and Development Conference and Changsha New Material Industry Exposition have been included in the main activities of the 2022 Annual Conference of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology. The theme report conference is aimed at the world's scientific and technological frontiers and industrial hotspots, and judges the development direction of the world's new material science and technology innovation and industrial innovation. The elites of the new material industry are looking forward to this grand event. Li Guoliang of Changsha Tianchuang Powder Technology Co., Ltd. said that he participated in the industry event at home every year. Since its establishment 16 years ago, the company has been focusing on the development, manufacture and sale of key research and preparation equipment for powder materials, among which the experimental planetary ball mill ultra-fine grinding equipment has been in the leading position. The company, which started from the stairwell, currently accounts for about 25% of the global market. It serves more than 20000 customers, including Huawei, Foxconn and other top 500 companies in the world, as well as Harvard University, Peking University, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities. In order to understand and develop the market, Li Guoliang traveled all over the world. He said that as a central city, Changsha has developed high-speed railway and convenient transportation. He hoped that the China Advanced Material Industry Innovation and Development Conference and Changsha New Material Industry Exposition would be held every year and become a new business card of the city. Liu Jianzhong, general manager of Hunan Jinyang Olefin Carbon Material Company, hopes to take the industry event as an opportunity to let more people know about graphene and promote the high-quality development of the industry. Fang Hong, chairman of Taijia Co., Ltd., said: The new materials conference held in Changsha for several consecutive years has played an important role in forming industrial clusters and expanding Changsha's influence in the field of new materials. It is hoped that the New Materials Conference will become a new city IP in Changsha. We are willing to work together to create the most important exhibition in the global industry, attract more new material industry giants to Changsha, and gather new potential energy.
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