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Xianjue (Shisan) _
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During these years of rebirth, he always wanted to ask Song Jianmei why he wanted to betray himself. He always wanted to tell Lin Juefeng that Cui can was not dead and see what a wonderful look he would have on his face. But the most pleasant thing was undoubtedly the moment when he thought of killing the ghost with his own hands. Now, everything is in front of me, my last enemy, will be killed by my own hands, no matter what Nanhuang Emperor, no matter what Magic Flame Valley, in my hands, let everything go up in smoke. On his left fist was the fire of the unicorn God, and on his right fist was the fire of the phoenix God. He stepped out thousands of feet and ran wildly. Several patrols came in red clouds, and Wuluo raised his fist. Thousands of feet away, the flames let out a roar like a giant beast, turning into a flame meteor, with a dazzling and desperate light, and hit the patrols straight. Boom! The strong divine fire exploded violently in the air, forming a huge firework with a diameter of thousands of feet. Those demons in the red clouds, even too late to drink and ask, turned into powder flying all over the sky. In the Valley of the Demon Flame, the demons were shocked and immediately asked for help through the sound array. All the patrols went north desperately. The main forces who went out to kill the enemy also quickly withdrew and stood by. Wuluo strode the meteor and pulled out two huge flame tails like dragons. All the way to meet the patrol, that is, a punch out, no matter how many people rushed up, under the fire of God all became a piece of ashes. By the time he arrived outside the Valley of the Devil's Flame, all the patrols had become waste of vegetation in the mountain of running ghosts. A line of six people, Wu Luo in the front, five people in the back, to this moment, everyone feels that Wu Luo is a bit wrong. Wu Luo already did not care, he stood in the sky outside the Valley of Magic Flame, a person, suppressed the entire Valley of Magic Flame. Those who came back from the outside in a threatening manner,ceramic welding tape, when they saw Wuluo, they did not know why, the voice of clamoring for war suddenly disappeared, and all the old people tried to stay in their seats, not daring to make a sound. The ghost Li Ming did not come back. He was still lying in ambush on the way back to the north. He always believed that the enemy's move was to besiege Wei and rescue Zhao. As long as they return to the Valley of Magic Flame, the other side must lose their heads and run north. Wu Luo laughed loudly: "Ha ha ha..." Sound waves swept over the peaks around the Valley of Magic Flame, like sharp sickles. Those thousand-year-old trees, withered grass and old vines were eroded and lost layer by layer. In a moment, debris of vegetation flew all over the sky. It seemed that a heavy snow had fallen on the mountains of the Valley of Magic Flame, and all the surrounding peaks were bare. All the people in the Demon Flame Valley gnashed their teeth: "It's too arrogant..." But no one dares to stand up. Where is Your Majesty? Why don't you come back? Everyone has such a question in mind, the enemy has reached the door, but the ghost has disappeared. After the laughter, Wuluo glanced at the Valley of Magic Flame. The walls in the valley were heavily fortified and built according to the standards of military fortresses. The array had been opened, and a series of brilliant lights rose to the sky, guarding the huge valley. The Valley of Fire? Just a bunch of cowardly turtles. Wu Luo disdained. The seven orifices of the popularity of the Magic Flame Valley are smoking, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,ceramic bobbin element, but look at me, I look, waiting for others to come out. But Wu Luo turned around at this time and looked north. He opened his mouth and said, "Ghost Li Ming, look at the foundation that has been worked so hard for a hundred years. It will soon become a scorched earth.".
” "Think, I attack the Valley of Fire, in order to transfer back, and then retreat to the north?"? Ha ha ha, I calculate that I will think so, now, see the speed of coming back and the speed of my destruction of the Valley of Magic Flame which is faster, if you do your best, you can see the Valley of Magic Flame for the last time! The voice is not big, but is transported by the spirit yuan, a rapid spread out, thousands of miles away ghost Li Ming heart fierce jump: who is this guy, how to control this gentleman's mind so accurately! His cold sweat quickly came out, this matter, it seems that from the beginning, he fell into his calculation everywhere, his enemies, when more than such a terrible figure?! He didn't dare to worry too much. The Valley of the Demon Flame was his foundation. If the emperor of Nanhuang was killed by someone, how could he lose face? Ghost Li Ming brought up a black magic fire and rushed to the Valley of Magic Flame with a roar. Wuluo finished, ignoring the ghost Li Ming who would run wildly, looked up at the sky with great enjoyment, and raised his arms gently. A door of Hongwu immortal cannon appeared behind him. Now the number of this large attack treasure has reached three hundred, once fired, the momentum is earth-shaking, ghosts and gods change color. What tool is that? The people in the Valley of Magic Flame felt vaguely that something was wrong, but by this time, it was too late for her to escape. Three hundred Hongwuxian cannons fired together. Boom, boom.. The sound of firecrackers is like a string of firecrackers, but the sound is much louder. A terrible beam of light fell into the Valley of Magic Flame. In the front row, Qiufen Gui Li Ming painstakingly built the mountain gate array for a hundred years, thinking that it was unbreakable. It only lasted less than fifty cannons before it completely disintegrated. A piece of broken brilliance fell apart. It seemed that the drowning and sick people wanted to struggle, but soon broke into spots all over the sky in the terrible and abnormal bombardment of Hongwu Xianpao. Boom, boom.. The pillar of light fell in the Valley of the Demon Flame, triggering the Valley of the Demon Flame's famous Three-Day Demon Puppet Army. Thirty-six thick pillars of light quickly lifted off, and in the huge pillars of light, a huge demon with black helmet and armor, cast in steel, was born. This array, with the nine ghost fire under the magic flame valley, once let Tong elder and others return, almost wiped out. But in front of Wuluo's Hongwuxian cannon, a light column simply ignored what Tianmo puppet or Tiangui puppet, powerful shells fell in, very confident to be able to destroy everything. Before the Tianmo puppet soldiers came out of the pillar of light, they were blown upside down. Light pillar to their care, in front of Hong Wu Xianpao seems a little weak,ceramic bobbin heater core, easily torn. In front of the firepower of Hong Wuxian's cannon, hundreds of light pillars fell in, and the powerful Tianmo puppet soldiers were blown up into a pile of scrap iron before they could use their hands and feet. ……” 。 global-ceramics.com