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Ao Shi Jiu Tian
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"So you don't have to feel sorry for me!" Chu Yang drew a conclusion with ease: "When we get to Xie's house, it's basically safe.". When the time comes, send you back to your family, and we can rest assured. Ao Xie Yun smiled and said, "Although you don't care, it's always a life-saving grace for me!"! Thank you for your kindness. I'm not a wordy person, so I won't say anything, hehe. "Just don't say it." Ji Mo came up and said a word. Ao Xie Yun smiled and said, "Brother Chu, actually.." I still owe you a favor. Our proud family is not a fool. Their framing may not succeed. Even if I die, I may not be able to frame you. Chu Yang smiled. "I know. I know better than you. If I don't save you, they won't succeed in framing you, because one of the people they want to deal with is called Mo Tianji." Ao Xie Yun gave a wry smile: "Mo Tianji may not be so powerful.." Our Ao family is not a fool. "But Mo Tianji is so powerful!" Chu Yang affirmed, then squinted at him: "Of course, your Ao family is not all fools, but there are many fools among them!" He sneered, "You are Ao Xieyun, not the Ao family!"! When you die, the Ao family is still the Ao family! But when you speak today, you have said several words about the Ao family! What, are you not confident? Ao Xie Yun was stunned! Just now, deep in the heart of the subconscious, there is indeed a little bit of this meaning, did not expect Chu Yang so keen to see out! "With Mo Tianji, their framing will not succeed. I saved you just in case.". After all, Mo Tianji is still too nèn now! Chu Yang light, said a proud evil cloud simply will not understand the words. After all, Mo Tianji is still too nèn now? This sentence,shuttle rack system, Ao Xie Yun smacked in his heart for a long time. Gu Duxing passed by. Brother Gu, you are really now. Emperor Jian? Asked Ao Xie Yun. Well, Yipin Jian Di. Gu Duxing said honestly. Oh ~ "Ao Xie Yun feels a sense of loss." Brother Dong, you are really now. Emperor of Swords? "Well, lucky Dao Huang Yipin." "Oh ~" Ao Xie Yun's face was black. Ji Mo, what are you doing now? Ji Mo's face darkened. "I'm just the ninth grade of the throne. What's there to ask?" Ao Xie Yun was stunned. Are you also the ninth grade of the throne? "Little Wolf, you are now." How many "I'm just like Ji Mo!"! Damn, it's a disgrace. As soon as Rock's enemy mentioned this matter, his joy was all gone. It's a shame. Ao Xie Yun has a feeling of spinning. How old are you this year? Is the ninth grade of the throne a disgrace? Then I'm a few years older than you. Only six grades of the throne, isn't it a shame? "Brother Rui, what about you?" "Are you deliberately looking at my jokes?" Rui said angrily? Eight grades of my throne, the lowest one! Ao Xie Yun burst into tears. It's really a bottleneck. This is the second watch, and it will never break out today. I'm struggling with one thing at the moment: the storm is definitely going to blow in the middle of three days, but I'm thinking too much at the moment, and I've set three lines for this plot. So I was indecisive. I wrote and deleted it tonight, drive in racking system ,shuttle rack system, and now I have got two thousand words. How to write, how to feel wrong. Hey. Let's discuss it. The first line is from Mo Tianji's side, pros and cons. The second line is from the Chuyang side, the pros and cons. The third line is from the Ao family, pros and cons. Naturally, there are also possibilities from the Meng family, or from these families who pursue the proud evil cloud. At present, it is not worrying that there is nothing to write, but that there is too much to write. Sad! In the book review section, let's all express our opinions. Owe everyone an outburst! Will make up!!!. Part 5 Xiao Ao Zhong Tian Part 6 Chapter 175 Where is Mars? Chu Yang Hei Hei smiled and said, "I don't have to ask this. I am the ninth grade of the throne. Well, this is my younger martial brother, who is also the ninth grade of the throne.". Brother Ao, please give me some advice when you have time.
” Instruct npnp, Ao Xie Yun bit his lip and had an impulse to cry! A group of throne nine grades, and the sword emperor! These are all people who used to be as famous as themselves, and several of them were not as good as themselves at all some time ago. Now, own this throne six grades. I really can't do it! Too self-abased! "Brother Ao, what are you doing now?" Ji Mo rolled his eyes and asked. Hey! ~ ~ ~ ~, Ao Xie Yun sighed deeply, and taught before tears. , "Brother Ao, you don't have to do this," said Miao with a cold hum and a gloating consolation. "How much hard work have we done to achieve what we have now? How much effort have we made? We paid.. Well, almost every day there are dozens of times, practice the function of their own practice fainted. What kind of support to pay to have what kind of harvest ah, in fact, you are now very great. This goods, at the beginning Chu Yang stimulated his words to say intact, can be regarded as this paragraph of words sent out, damn, who knows when I heard this paragraph of words in the heart what taste. …… It is better to be happy alone than to be happy together. Ao Xie Yun's face was blue and white for a while. He bowed his head and went on his way. He never spoke again. For a long time, with a deep sigh, he said, "I, Ao Xie Yunkong, have a surname of'Ao Yu '." Suddenly there was a strong feeling of disapproval in my heart: "If they can do it, why can't I?"? One day, I want to get this'Ao, Yu 'back again! Be proud of the world! The frontrunner is always stressed but underpowered. Now become a pursuer, but walk full of power, no pressure! Once Ao Xie Yun put down his pride, he immediately felt full of fighting spirit! First, I want to be Ao Xie Yun, the unique Ao Xie Yun! Second, I want revenge! The enmity of several uncles, I want to ask for it back with my own hands! I will take care of their families as well as I can! Third,push back racking system, I want to catch up with them and surpass them! Take back the title of the first person in three days! They are all human beings, they are all born and raised by their fathers and mothers, they are all flesh and blood! I refuse to admit defeat!. jracking.com