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Legend of evil spirits
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As soon as he stepped into the door of the Jufu Building, a small ruffian stick beside the door motioned to him, telling him that there was no suspicious person nearby. Things, then rest assured to enter the door and climb the stairs. There are three facades in Jufu Building, and the gold-lettered signboard is highly praised by the celebrities in the capital. The upstairs is also divided into three large dining halls, and the two side rooms are divided into more than ten small rooms by screens, so that guests with female guests can patronize them. Lifting the curtain and entering a small room, the six diners inside all stood up to greet each other. Someone shouted happily, "Brother Xin, you come!" If you're late, you'll be fined three cups first. He reached the table and laughed, "Ha ha!"! You can't wait, can you? Call out your lovers! You shouldn't have waited for me. Brother Shuren, are you the host tonight? After drinking three glasses of wine, a middle-aged man on his right laughed and said, "How can you call them out when you haven't finished your business?"? Come here. We Let's discuss it first. Yes, the brothers are the hosts tonight, and they will have a good night of revelry after finishing their work. He ate a mouthful of food and said calmly, "There's no need to discuss. Everything has been settled." "What?"? Is it all done? The tree asked in surprise. He took out a stack of receipts from his bosom and distributed them to six people one by one. "This is a list of the taxes and all the incidentals for the five cargoes," he said. "The ship can berth at Datong tomorrow afternoon. Bridge Pier. This is the receipt of 68 trucks of goods from Shandong. At dusk, it has already been collected at the Qilu warehouse in Butian. This is brother Guoding Please have a look at the receipt of the weaving Bureau. "Brother Xin, you are really resourceful. What's going on?" Someone asked in surprise. He drank up the wine in his glass and said with a smile,plastic packaging tube, "I depend on my parents at home, but I depend on my friends outside. No matter how smart my brothers are, they only have a pair of legs." An arm, of course, depends on a friend. In order to be on the safe side, do things quietly, and then release the tone, so as to be safe. All right,custom cosmetic packaging, all of you. Take what you need, everything is perfect, and you can rest assured and be happy. All right, regroup and let's get drunk tonight! A middle-aged man said excitedly and immediately went out to call the shopkeeper to prepare. Everything. The banquet has not yet been prepared, seven beautiful powder head has been under the guidance of two women, into the food box, immediately full of strange fragrance. In the hall, warblers sing and swallows whisper in the air. Brother Shuren led a young man with a shy smile and sat down beside Xin Wenzhao. "Brother Xin," he said with a smile, "what a coincidence! Miss Qiu went back to Wanping the day before yesterday. Brother had no choice but to take the initiative to find Miss Ying to accompany you. Oh! You don't seem to know. What about her? Xin Wenzhao looked attentively at the shy and charming little girl beside him, whose face was half covered by Ropa. He could not help but move in his heart, and his eyes caught him. Fang's eyes. "There are thousands of girls in Kyoto," he said with a smile. "Do you regard me as a prodigal son of flowers? Miss Ying is. "She is the adopted daughter of Peony and Qi's sister-in-law in Taisuitan Street. She was redeemed from the Huanyi Bureau half a year ago." Tree My dear brother smiled at the interface. Xin Wenzhao held the girl's delicate hand, and she tried to get her hand back, but failed to do so. "Don't laugh at me, metal cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, Master Xin," he said. "Godmother called me out tonight. I didn't expect to meet you, Master Xin." Xin Wenzhao's eyes, intentionally or unintentionally, swept over the girl's palm and said with a smile, "No wonder my eyes are raw!"! It was Mrs. Qi's. Goddaughter. Qi sister-in-law's people rarely support the scene in the small southwest. Oh! A girl is more beautiful than a flower. She is sixteen or seventeen years old and in the mood for love. Probably not. After a long time, it is guaranteed that it will overwhelm the four famous flowers in the capital. "Master Xin is joking. How can a cheap concubine compare with Master Xin's autumn girl?" Ying Ying said half ashamed and half angry. Another famous fan laughed and said, "Sister Ying, don't miss this opportunity!"! In Kyoto, who doesn't know that Master Xin is an affectionate man? Son, as long as he is willing to nod. What are the four famous flowers? In the future.. As soon as Xin Wenzhao stretched out his hand, he put his arm around Fentou's shoulder and said with a laugh, "You!"! A mouth is really lovely.
You work there The benefactor of the Yamen of the Ministry of the Interior has lost his job for you. Do you want to start a new business and seduce me, the prodigal son? You say it! Want Don't I nod? Smiling, Pintou pushed away his hand and said, "I don't have this blessing. Sister Ying said in the car that she would come to accompany him tonight." You are so happy. I don't want to fight with her. It would be strange if Aunt Qi didn't skin me. You! You behave yourself, She's Miss Qing, and it's all up to you, Master Xin, to take care of her! Xin Wenzhao is waiting to pick up two sentences, several other people have begun to drink. The middle-aged man interrupted with a ha-ha and raised his glass to Xin Wenzhao, saying, "Brother Xin, don't listen to her, Miss Ying." It's true to pay you. You can take her away later. Come on, let's drink to the joy of tonight. There was a lot of noise. Gradually unrestrained. Miss Ying is somewhat drunk, which is the most touching time in the girl's family, three points of shyness and three points of drunkenness. Two points of charm and two points of charm. Qiao became a very pitiful and lovely person. She can drink, coquettish coquettish gas as far as possible to persuade wine, in the unrestrained to maintain three points of reserve, more brilliant, charming power doubled, eyebrows. The feeling of spring in the corner of the eye, a glance at the flowing waves, and a smile are all enough to make these visitors intoxicated. Xin Wenzhao's hearty laughter explained his mood tonight. The beautiful woman was in her bosom, exhaling like an orchid, and her hands and eyes were warm and full of happiness. Soon he was eight or nine points drunk. Of course, this street fugitive is an old hand in the powder group. Until the sound of the curfew came, he was about to be drunk. His companions were kind enough to help him into the carriage. It was already a quiet night, and the night market was over. As the wheels rolled, Ying, who was leaning against him in his arms, said vaguely, "Xin Lang, will you come to my mother's home?" "No, you know I hate that old pious sister-in-law," he said, belching. "Xin Lang, you." "To the royal home of the whirling pavilion." "The royal family of the whirling pavilion.". Didn't the Wangs die long ago? "He's not dead yet. There are three or four old servants guarding him.". The sons and nephews of the Ma family next door often gamble there. "So you want to gamble?" I live in the White Fragrance Pavilion in the back garden. Usually,cosmetic tube packaging, I also bet. Ha-ha! A fugitive in Jianghu, who doesn't go whoring or gamble? He lifted it He opened the curtain of the rickshaw and called to the driver, "Do you know the way to the house of the king in the whirling pavilion?" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com