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Falling snow all over Nanshan Mountain
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"It's boring to be a teacher." I'll pretend to be ill and come back. Sunan:.. You bear with it! When this man is childish, it makes people doubt his age. If there is no class and no meeting, Chen Zhiyu will probably be entangled in all kinds of things, either pointing out the contribution of student magazines, or updating the research progress of the subject, or assigning some tasks to the graduate students under his door, or accepting interviews with the Wechat Public Number operated by students.. It wasn't until after work that he had a relatively complete time to take her out to dinner, watch night scenes, or chase comics at home, and. Pure cloying. In the evening, on weekdays, he usually doesn't do it to the end. However, the routine beyond "doing" is full of tricks, which makes Sunan impossible to defend. After a period of time, her face is thicker than before, she will not always blush shy, sometimes, even in the morning when he gets up early, deliberately, to touch his crotch. Seeing that he was in a hurry and could not do anything to her, he was very happy-of course, the end of the evening would be worse. Once,pump tube, after a bath, he sat on his bed, flipping through comics and chewing two Mentos mints, a hobby he doesn't know about. As he chewed, he suddenly said, "This sugar is quite cold." Look up at her. Sunan was stared at by him with hair on his back and subconsciously wanted to escape. It's too late. He closed the cartoon, grabbed her wrist, rolled over, and spread her legs. It's not like it hasn't happened before. He was willing to use all means to make her unable to control herself. This time,cosmetic plastic tube, however, it was completely different. That mint, it's really cold. In a short time, the intense feeling gradually came up. She was so upset that she nudged his forehead with her palm to stop it. Useless. He did it on purpose. Soon, her body shook. The eyes are white, slowly blinking, eyelashes are soaked with tears of pure physiological reasons. He finally climbed up, put his palm against her cheek, which had suddenly risen in temperature, wiped the sweat buds from the tip of his nose and forehead, and stared at her with a narrow smile. Sunan raised his arm to cover his eyes, "you." Abnormality Chen Zhiyu laughs: "Hum, I am abnormal." Su Nantou's H division soon heard from her and asked her to go to a star hotel in Chongcheng for an interview on Monday. Sunan was overjoyed and prepared to wait for Chen Zhiyu to come back and tell him the good news. In the evening, I heard the sound of opening the door. Su Nan comes out from the study, a "Chen" word has not said an exit, eye cream packaging tube ,custom cosmetic packing, see his complexion is heavy, busy ask: "How? Chen Zhiyu kicked his shoes, pulled off his tie, threw it on the sofa, fell back and rubbed his eyebrows, "Help me get a can of beer." Sunan's toes are slowly growing out, not so painful, but itchy, walking is more convenient than before. He went to the refrigerator to dig out the jar of Heineken and handed it to Chen Zhiyu. Chen Zhiyu drank most of it and caught his breath. "Today, I got the result of a professional elective course for graduate students last semester, and I hung up a person.". She missed the roll call twice three times, missed the usual homework once, and was found to have plagiarized a large section of the final paper-I did it myself. Sunan was stunned. She came to my office crying, saying that she was too busy with her internship to take care of both, and that she would apply for a foreign university next year, so I let her pass anyway. Sunan:.. You have no obligation to do so. Chen Zhiyu looked irritable. "Once I gave an undergraduate 58 points.". He came over and begged me to give him two more points. I found out his test paper and gave him the standard answer, so that he could calculate the score of the paper by himself. He stopped talking after the calculation. His paper is less than 40, and my standard is below the sea level and I can't get the passing line. Sunan worked as a teaching assistant for Chen Zhiyu for two semesters. It was said outside that he was strict and had a high failure rate. But after she helped correct homework and papers, she realized that it was not Chen Zhiyu who was strict, but that other teachers had gone too far. Domestic academic circles are already polluted, especially liberal arts majors, whose papers are copied from each other, whose viewpoints are Chen Xiangyin, and whose scholars cultivate "inbreeding".. A small circle is full of bullshit when you shake it off carefully.
Su Nan knew that there was a female lecturer at danda university last year. Her academic ability was very outstanding. She had visited and studied at the university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the university of Tokyo in the United States. She had also published many papers on ssci and cssci. However, because of her eccentric personality, she had a dispute with the dean and failed to pass the evaluation of the title of associate professor twice. Later, she could only leave in anger. If the top scholars do not act, the students will naturally follow suit. In the end, a group of "Bachelor of Arts" whose abilities were not up to standard, but who had studied ten percent of the time, were released. The whole news industry in China was in collusion with each other, and could not get rid of this. When I was an undergraduate in southern Jiangsu, I heard that there was a teacher in the college who used a special lesson to teach students how to manage gray income when they became journalists. College teachers teach future journalists this kind of unfashionable thing, Shao Piaoping has knowledge under the spring, I am afraid it will be painful to say "whoo!" Su Nan looked at Chen Zhiyu and said, "We should pay attention to both internship and study. There is no such good thing in the world.". You didn't do anything wrong. Chen Zhiyu snorted coldly, "This student has the ability, see I do not change, and call the parents to continue to find the dean.". She cried and asked the school to remove her course directly, and she made up another one. "Did the headmaster say yes?" "Can you promise?" Chen Zhiyu went to touch the smoke and couldn't resist saying a foul word. It's a ***ing bad mood. Sunan also did not know how to comfort, silent for a moment, whispered: "." In fact, part of the reason why I don't want to study for a PhD is that I am afraid you will be embarrassed. You are a principled person, I respect your principles, especially do not want one day in the future, you will need to take into account the relationship with me, and do what you do not want to do, such as giving me water, such as hand-in-hand teaching me to write papers.. Sunan, touch your nose. Chen Zhiyu froze for a moment. A few seconds later,plastic cosmetic tubes, he smiled with a cigarette in his mouth and threw the lighter he had just touched out on the tea table. He stopped smoking and suddenly felt comfortable. "How can you be such a sensible student, huh?" "But it's not suitable for academics." Chen Zhiyu held out a finger and warned, "Don't continue to bring up the past when I have apologized." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com