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Название: What Prevents Windows 10 from Sleeping?
Отправлено: Gsusangrey от 18 Август 2021, 15:02:06
Here in this article, we show how to turn off the sleep settings for Windows 10 (https://onlinegeeks.net/windows-10-computer-wont-sleep/) systems. To disable automatic Sleep on Windows 10 you need to follow the step by step given instructions.
1. Click on the start button and click on the setting gear.
2. Select the System category.
3. Now choose the Power and Sleep option.
4. At the end, set both of the drop-down menus under "Sleep" to "Never".

For more read - https://onlinegeeks.net/cant-click-anything-on-desktop-windows-10/ (https://onlinegeeks.net/cant-click-anything-on-desktop-windows-10/)