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Название: Would you Consider Gaming on a Metaverse?
Отправлено: duelnft от 28 Апрель 2022, 11:46:50
Every day it feels like the metaverse is expanding more and more, and the popularity of gaming on a metaverse. Whether it be playing games, or creating a digital asset that has real-world value. Many people are looking for NFTs to create real value in the world.

The thing is that a lot of these crypto-based games don't have a big focus on multiplayer gameplay—and even fewer of them do PvP well.

But what about actually playing against other players?

What about competitive gaming?

There is a lack of competitive gameplay within crypto games, and this is where the metaverse shines! Take, for example, NFTDUEL which is aNFT-baseded trading card game that has a PvP focus. Players can take their decks into battle against other players who are also using different decks from their own collection.