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Safety Valves Manufacturer Canada
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Valvesonly is the best Safety Valves Manufacturer Canada. A safety valve is a crucial component in engineering systems designed to protect against excessive pressure buildup, typically found in steam boilers, pressure vessels, and various industrial applications. Its primary function is to automatically release pressure when it exceeds a predetermined set point, preventing potential catastrophic failures due to overpressure conditions. The structure of a safety valve typically consists of a valve body, which houses the valve mechanism, a spring or weight-loaded mechanism that applies force to keep the valve closed, and a disc or poppet that seals the valve outlet. The valve is designed to open at a specific pressure threshold, allowing excess fluid or gas to escape until the pressure reduces to a safe level.

In operation, when pressure within the system exceeds the set point of the safety valve, the force exerted by the pressure acting on the valve area overcomes the opposing force from the spring or weights. This causes the valve to lift, creating an opening through which the excess pressure can be safely released to the atmosphere or to a designated discharge area. Once the pressure decreases to an acceptable level, the force from the spring or weights closes the valve, restoring the system to its normal operating conditions. Safety valves are essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of pressurized systems, ensuring that they operate within designed limits and protecting against the risk of explosions or structural damage caused by overpressure. Regular inspection, maintenance, and testing of safety valves are critical to ensure their proper functioning and to uphold safety standards in industrial environments.

We manufacture these types of Safety Valves:
•   Pressure safety valve
•   Pilot operated safety valve
•   Steam safety valve
•   Conventional Safety Valve
•   Thermal safety valve
•   Bellow seal safety valve
•   Steam safety valve

•   Valve Body
•   Nozzle or Inlet
•   Seat
•   Valve Disc or Poppet
•   Spring or Weight Assembly
•   Adjusting Screw or Lever
•   Discharge Outlet

•   Steam Boilers
•   Pressure Vessels
•   Pipelines
•   Air Compressors
•   Pressure Relief Systems
•   Fire Protection Systems

•   Prevention of catastrophic failures
•   System protection
•   Compliance with regulations
•   Enhanced operational safety
•   They are designed to operate automatically, continuously monitoring pressure conditions and responding promptly to deviations from normal operating parameters.
•   Flexibility in design
•   These valves are engineered for reliability and durability, with stringent quality control measures to ensure consistent performance.
•   Cost-effective risk mitigation

•   Body Material – Cast Iron and Steel (A216 WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9), Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F51, F3, F55, F91], WCB, WC6, SS304, SS316, Duplex Steel.
•   Class – 150 – 2500
•   PN 10 – PN 450
•   Size – ½ - 24”
•   Ends- Butt welded, Socket welded, Flanged, Threaded

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