Автор Тема: Mini panic attacks when falling asleep  (Прочитано 32 раз)

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Mini panic attacks when falling asleep
« : 22 Апрель 2024, 16:33:22 »
As the night deepens and the world around quiets down, an unexpected visitor often lurks in the shadows of the mind mini panic attacks when falling asleep. It's like a sudden storm in the calm of the night, disrupting the tranquility with its unwelcome presence. Each flutter of the eyelids feels like tiptoeing on the edge of a precipice, uncertainty gripping tightly as sleep beckons. Racing thoughts and palpitations weave a tangled web, casting shadows where there should be dreams. Yet, amidst the chaos, there's a glimmer of hope, a whisper of reassurance that this too shall pass, and the dawn will bring a new beginning.