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K Shot Kratom Facts
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Kratom users have embraced extracts with a passion.

Potent and fast-acting, modern extraction practices rapidly pull the alkaloids from the plant fibers of the Mitragyna speciosa so users can enjoy the pure effects.

One of the most popular ways to ingest extracts is through beverages or liquids such as the widely popular K Shots.

Exploring The Facts

K Shot Kratom Extracts are a tasty way to reap the benefits of kratom.

The highly concentrated beverage is obtained from preserving the alkaloids of the plant in a highly concentrated form.

All the kratom used in the K Shot is obtained from the Maeng Da Kratom strain to ensure its strength.

It supplies both an energizing and relaxing experience for the user.

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Built for a Busy Lifestyle

The K Shot is designed for your busy lifestyle.

Its small size makes it easy to slip into a purse or pocket.

You can down the shot when on the go or any time you need a quick pick-me-up.

The bottle is only 0.5 punches but holds an impressive nine grams of top-quality, highly potent kratom to give remarkably fast results upon ingestion.

Do not let the small size of the product fool you.

Some users, especially newbies and moderate users, do not even have to ingest the full shot because it is so strong.

They can only drink a third of the small bottle and still feel its impact nicely.

The Taste

As most kratom users know, the taste of the plant is very bitter.

The more alkaloids the product holds the less palatable the taste.

However, with the K-Shot, the liquid is pleasant.

It lacks the hallmark bitter taste of the powder.

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Extraction Process

The entire point of extraction of the alkaloids of the Mitragyna speciosa plant is to give a powerful product.

To successfully achieve extraction, the leaves of the tree undergo boiling which reduces them in size.

They are then boiled a second time During the second boiling process; the veins and stems are removed.

The entire process takes plenty of kratom leaves and is time-consuming which is why the price of extracts is higher than powders and capsules.

After completing the extraction process, an oily mixture is all that stays.

However, the oils are anywhere from 35 to 50 times more potent than a standard dose of kratom powder or capsules.

Understanding the K Shot

The K Shot is composed of two alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-OH-Mitragynine.

The alkaloids are combined with a ‘secret’ formula Many say that the secret is that K Shot uses Green Maeng DA which gives it the nudge it needs to stand apart from other extracts.

What Can a User Expect?

The big question, what can you expect when you try a K shot?

Obviously, most people want energy when they turn to a Maeng Da-based extract.

They want a sudden burst that will kick start their day and give them the inspiration they need to hit the gym or perform some other physical activity.

This kratom extract is an interesting extract because it gives you a balance of energy combined with a bit of relaxation.

Many compare it to coffee but without the jitters.

Most users also report gaining improved focus, serenity, and a slight euphoria that is enjoyable.

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