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Customer support calls occasionally don't go as planned. Don't worry if you hang up the phone with Delta airlines customer service feeling as though nothing was fixed. There are different approaches to solving your problem.

Reviewing the notes you took during the call should come first. You might find this information helpful if you get in touch with Delta once more. If you don't have any notes from your encounter with a Delta customer support representative, jot it down in your memory.
Next, contact Delta again. Inform the next representative of your issue politely and make a note of what transpired during your initial call. The individual you speak with after that may have more experience or better training and be able to assist you.
Try reaching out in another means if contacting via Delta doesn't seem to be working. You can email customer care at Delta directly from its website. Additionally, Delta has a Twitter account that you can use to contact it. Both of these alternatives have the benefit of providing you with a transcript of your conversation, which is frequently helpful if you need to escalate your case to management or a different party.

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What Should You Do If You Have an Unsuccessful Call with Delta?
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