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Metal Plate Leveling Machines: Ensuring Precision and Efficiency
Metal plate leveling machines play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry by ensuring that metal sheets, parts, and plates are flat and free from internal stresses. In this article, we’ll explore the technology behind these machines and their benefits.Get more news about metal plate leveling machine,you can vist our website!

Roller Leveling Process
The roller leveling process involves passing a sheet metal part through a series of alternating bends. As a result, the material becomes flat and stress-relieved. Lower residual stress in sheet metal parts leads to better results during subsequent production steps such as welding, bending, or folding.

Types of Metal Plate Levelers
EcoMaster® Precision Leveler
Suitable for thin metal sheets and parts (0.1 mm to 5 mm thick)
Delivers outstanding results and easy operation
Maintenance-friendly design
FlatMaster® Sheet Metal Flattening Machine
Processes stamped, laser-cut, and plasma-cut parts
Thickness range: 0.6 mm to 60 mm
Ideal for high-strength parts and sheets with cut-outs2
Perfect for sheet metal parts and plates with large surface areas
FlatJack® (Automatic Flatness Control System)
Enables rapid and precise flatness measurement directly on the leveler itself1
Immediate Processing: Metal sheets are ready for use without time-consuming rework.
Reduced Scrap: Minimizes material waste.
Consistent Results: Ensures reproducible flatness.
International Reputation: ARKU has over 50 years of experience in the leveling business and is a technology leader1.
Metal plate leveling machines are essential for achieving precision, efficiency, and quality in metal fabrication. Whether it’s the EcoMaster® for thin sheets or the FlatMaster® for thicker parts, these machines contribute significantly to modern manufacturing processes.