Автор Тема: Difficulties in the installation of aluminum alloy stage truss  (Прочитано 335 раз)

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The stage truss is prone to encounter the following thorny problems during the installation process, for example, the size of the truss is too large relative to the venue. This greatly increases the difficulty of installation.
In fact, it should be made in the factory in sections and assembled as a whole, and then transported to the site in sections for assembly; then, the installation is carried out by means of a tower crane high-altitude bulk assembly. When <U>guangzhou truss stage equipment factory</U> needs to be installed at high altitudes, load-bearing brackets and scaffolding should be erected.
The verticality of the stage truss must be effectively controlled when it is installed. Usually, the verticality control method of the steel truss segmented high-altitude docking is adopted, and the three-point linear positioning measurement control method is adopted to make the installation verticality meet the standard. In addition, to ensure the welding quality, the welding process must be further strict to ensure that the stage truss of guangzhou truss stage equipment factory can be completed smoothly.