Автор Тема: How to improve dehydrated skin?  (Прочитано 40 раз)

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How to improve dehydrated skin?
« : 06 Январь 2024, 01:39:02 »
Any skin type — whether it’s dry, oily, or combination — can have problems with dehydration. The effects may be more or less visible, but this water deficiency causes the skin on your face and some or all of your body to feel uncomfortable, especially after bathing or showering. Although symptoms are very similar, dehydrated skin should not be confused with dry skin. These are two different skin problems. Dehydrated skin appears as a lack of radiance and comfort with intense, persistent tightness. The skin feels itchy, especially after washing and also has scales. This is an unusual, temporary state that is not necessarily related to a “dry” skin type. This means oily skin can easily have times when it is dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin is a condition caused by insufficient water content. External factors including the weather, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices like smoking or alcohol consumption all deplete the water in your skin. This lack of moisture disturbs the skin's barrier, meaning it is unable to protect itself against bacteria and other external irritants. This is also caused by using skincare products that contain harsh ingredients or are unsuitable for your skin, leading to an imbalance.

Dehydrated skin occurs when the skin cells lack sufficient water, resulting in dryness, itching, a dull complexion and the appearance of fine lines. The good news is that you can treat dehydrated skin through the right lifestyle adjustments. By focusing on internal hydration, regular moisturising and adequate skin protection, you can restore and maintain optimal skin hydration. It is essential to seek medical advice if your symptoms persist or worsen.