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Phone Repair Issues: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions
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Smartphone repair is in our genes at Gadget Lab. We know you can’t get enough of your smartphone. It keeps you connected with friends and family, and, let’s not forget, it is how you keep up with all the latest cat videos on the internet. Unfortunately, the more we use our devices, the potential for problems increase. That’s where Gadget Lab comes in. Our technicians have been repairing phones for over thirteen years. We were around long before the beloved Motorola Razr hit the scene.  As time goes by, the technology continues to advance, and Gadget Lab is advancing right along side of it.

Screen Replacement and Repair

The most common phone parts wholesale problem we see at Gadget Lab is a broken or malfunctioning screen.  Over the years, phone screens have increased in size, simultaneously increasing their vulnerability.  If you find yourself with one little crack or a completely shattered screen, our repair experts have you covered.  Most screen repairs can be done while you wait, so there is no need to leave your phone behind.

Home Button

Gone are the days of the physical QWERTY Keyboard. Nowadays, most smartphones are equipped with a full-size touchscreen and just a couple physical buttons. Of the few buttons that remain, many have functions that are often overlooked until that button fails to work.  Home buttons can begin to stick, or stop functioning entirely. When they do, it’s no fun trying to figure out how to navigate through your device without them. Our techs have replaced hundreds of home buttons, and they are ready to get yours working like new again.

Power Button

A majority of people don’t power their smartphone off as often as they should.  This doesn’t mean the power button is completely useless. A smartphone’s power button often doubles up as a means to lock or unlock your device. On many devices, it also allows you to snap a screen shot.  Sometimes you just can’t get to the charger in time and your phone dies.  A broken power button can render a piece of technology lifeless. When dealing with a broken power button, let Gadget Lab help bring your device back to life.

Charging Port

A smartphone’s charging port takes a lot of wear and tear over the device’s lifespan. Every day, often multiple times a day, people cram their charger into their phone, scraping, bending or twisting it into position. This can wear out the charging port, making it unable to accept a charge.  Another common charging port issue occurs when the tip of your charger snaps off inside your charging port. Attempting to remove any broken pieces that are stuck inside the port can lead to further damage. If you are experiencing any type of charging port issue, bring it in to Gadget Lab and let us take care of it for you.

Battery Replacement

Your smartphone once provided you with cheap phone parts countless hours of glorious battery life, and now you’re lucky if you can make it to work without it dying. Does this sound familiar? Over time a battery starts to wear out and eventually it is no longer able to hold a charge. Just because your phone’s battery isn’t what it used to be, doesn’t mean it’s time to start saving up for a whole new device. Our technicians can replace your battery and get your device back to it’s full potential without skipping a beat.

Speakers and Microphones

Speakers and mics that crackle or cut in and out can ruin just about any phone call. There is nothing more frustrating than poor sound quality when you are using your smartphone. It can be detrimental to a professional or personal relationship alike if you can’t communicate clearly. Whether you are trying to relax to your favorite song, or you are making your periodical phone call to Mom, a busted speaker is unacceptable. Most speaker and mic repairs take less than an hour to complete. Come in and Gadget Lab will get your device back in tip-top shape in no time.

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Phone Repair Issues: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions
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