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cleaning homes
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Kingdom Cleaning Services Company
Kingdom Services Company cleaning homes, companies, mosques and others, so that these tasks can be carried out with ease and speed and without the need to waste time and effort in working manually, which are services that are not for luxury but must be taken care of to preserve the health of everyone, old and young as well.
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Many want to bring in the Kingdom Cleaning Services Company to carry out many tasks such as cleaning and sterilizing the place in general, in addition to cleaning carpets and curtains, pest control, detecting and treating water leaks, moving furniture, in addition to insulation work of all kinds.
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Mosques need attention in normal times, but due to the presence of worshipers in them at the present time and with the spread of the (covid-19) virus, all their details must be taken care of and work to clean and sterilize them as soon as possible and with all professionalism.
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The beauty of marble does not appear in the floors until it is cleared in the appropriate manner for its type and works to remove all the dust and things that have been attached to it over the years. Therefore, Kingdom Services Company provides cleaning and polishing marble tiles with expertise and distinctive quality.
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Sterilization and disinfection have become an integral part of our daily life, due to the spread of the virus (covid-19) in all countries, and therefore individuals must be protected from germs and bacteria circulating in the atmosphere. Many resort to the Kingdom Services Company to clean, disinfect and sterilize homes, companies and various places.
شركة تنظيف بالدمام The company is characterized by proficiency, accuracy, and the presence of trained labor, in addition to cleaning materials that must be To be of the required quality and distinction, as well as to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt, and to preserve the environment surrounding individuals from bacteria and germs.
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The services provided by the company include all work related to cleaning, polishing, washing carpets, rugs and walls, cleaning every corner in the bathrooms, getting rid of kitchen problems and accumulated fat using advanced methods, with attention to the boards, their cleanliness and disinfection, so that they are like new again.
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The palaces need the Kingdom Services Company to clean all the rooms and the internal and external places in them, pay full attention to all details and bring the best trained workers to deal with different situations with the presence of expertise that qualifies them to carry out the tasks with confidence and honesty.
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The company has the most important tools through which the floors, boards, rooms, bathrooms and kitchens that are located in the villas are cleaned, with the expertise of workers and specialists and the materials used in those tasks to obtain the highest quality in cleaning and disinfection.
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The Kingdom Services Company is concerned with cleaning apartments and units of various areas, and the cleaning process includes newly equipped apartments to get rid of traces of paints and various materials that were used in preparing the place, and cleaning apartments that have been furnished and there are personnel in the appropriate ways in both cases.
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Swimming pools are taken care of and cleaned at the specified times so that those who swim in them do not get skin diseases or various problems that come due to germs and microbes that are present in them. Therefore, the company relies on the following steps to clean the pools:
• The team empties the pool through its own pump.
• The acid is mixed with a concentration of 33% with water in a ratio of 1:3 and the pool is washed using the mixture and the brush.
• Clean the pool using soap and water.
• The mixture is placed inside the tubes of the swimming pool until the salts and deposits are removed.
• To sterilize the pool, it is rinsed with chlorine in its liquid form.
• Clean the duct that is outside the overflow with the mixture prepared previously and wash the walkway made of plastic.
• All residues and sediments in the supply tank are removed.
• Washing and sterilizing the tank from the inside with chlorine.
• The last stage in which the tank is rinsed from all remaining soap and materials used in cleaning.
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The types of tanks vary in different places And they are on the top of the buildings or in the ground, and in both cases care must be taken to clean them with appropriate methods and tools that suit that task, use safe materials for health and sterilize them appropriately until they are filled with water again, and  شركة خدمات المملكة the importance of cleaning tanks and special steps

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cleaning homes
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