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How to Pick a Therapist - EMDR Consulting
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Everything you need to know about finding an EMDR Therapist best suited for you! Choosing a therapist is an important step in your journey to psychological and emotional health.

Your therapist needs to feel right to you.

You need to feel safe, heard, and validated.

Your therapist needs to work with you in helping discover the origins of your concerns and how best to treat them.

Your therapist needs to have many skills, one of which is EMDR.

Your therapist needs to have the ability to utilize all their skills, including EMDR, in combinations that accomplish your treatment goals.

A therapist who only uses one approach will see your issues from only one perspective. As the saying goes “If all I have is a hammer, everything is a nail!


What to look for regarding EMDR and CBT therapy?

Is the therapist appropriately trained in EMDR? Only therapists that have taken an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training Course are considered by EMDR’s governing body EMDRIA, to be fully trained in EMDR

Are all EMDRIA approved trainings the same? No – not all trainings are the same. Some training stress protocols and procedures while others have an interpersonal approach working with you to design the best treatment possible. EMDR Consulting stresses an interpersonal approach to using EMDR.

How do I know if the therapist specializes in EMDR?

Therapists listed on our Find a Therapist page have been fully trained by EMDR Consulting and are using EMDR as a part of their clinical practice.

EMDRIA’s “Find an EMDR Therapist” page is a wonderful resource to help you find EMDR therapists in your area who are interested enough in EMDR to join an EMDR professional association.

Does the therapist attend EMDRIA conferences and/or advanced EMDR specific workshops?

Search for EMDR Certified Clinicians. Certification indicates clinician who have sought additional training and consultation to improve their EMDR skills.

Search for Approved Consultants since they have invested even more time and skills to the point where they can teach others how to use the EMDR.

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