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How To Chose A Cat Breeder - Guides To Picking A Breeder
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Do you want to buy a kitten from a cat breeder? As always, I always recommend going to a rescue group or a local shelter for a cat or kitten, but sometimes they do not have a perfect match for the family.

In that case, some people may want to look into breeders for that perfect pet. There are a few things that people need to know to ensure that the perfect cat or kitten is coming from a breeder that is reputable and in line with proper care of their cats.


A clearly written contract is a must, even among friends. It may sound so business like, but if provides confidence for the pet owner and the breeder that the pet will have the best possible care from both sides. The contract should have a health guarantee with time limits and details. It should explain what will happen if any genetic problems show up in the pet.

Association Member:

A good breeder will be a member of an association. TICA and CFA are two common ones in the USA. Most associations will have a page on their website that will explain the standard they expect from the breeders that belong to the group. The associations will also keep up with the parentage (pedigrees) of the pets that the breeder is offering. If a breeder cannot offer you proof of parentage, how can that breeder know if there is any health problems in a certain line or if they are inbreeding?

Kitten Questionnaire:

Not all breeders use a Questionnaire. Some do and some simply ask a few questions after you contact them. The simple questions will allow a breeder to know that the new owner truly is ready for a certain breed, and know that the new owner is serious about committing to a new pet.


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