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When was the first concert that was held in public?


In the year 1672, the musician John Banister held the first-known paid public spiritual concerts in London at his residence in the neighborhood of Whitefriars. These performances were open to the general public. Thomas Britton, a charcoal merchant, began holding weekly concerts in a loft in Clerkenwell in the year 1678. He charged a subscription fee of ten shillings per year for attendance.
Who put on the concert that was the biggest of all time?
Concert in the Copacabana on New Year's Eve, 1994/1995
On New Year's Eve 1994/1995, the British rock artist Rod Stewart demonstrated this point better than anybody else. It is estimated that somewhat more than 3.5 million people attended his New Year's Eve show that year, making it the largest concert in the history of concerts.


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