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Super thief
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But at the same time, Wu 17's head is also floating up a-1000 damage, it seems that this blood explosion, is a lose-lose skill! Xiao Hua's heart is naturally taken aback, his defense is not low, but HP is absolutely the anemia in the attribute anemia, now all 52 levels, HP is only 3100 points! Wu 17's blow almost killed him! Rare the other side showed the figure, look at the means of the other side, I am afraid there is a back hand. In the first use of the instant recovery potion, and then by any attack, Xiao Hua is very unfavorable! Demon! Extreme force! Luck! Do not do two endlessly, just in case, Xiao Hua simply used all the killer's mace directly! In a flash, Xiao Hua began to emit a trace of black gas! As soon as Xiao Hua's feet moved, the black startled swan flashed in front of everyone's eyes, and Wu 17, as Xiao Hua's opponent, was even more surprised! Xiao Hua's previous performance has surprised him a little. As an agile player, he knows how agile Xiao Hua is! He knew that once Xiao Hua launched an attack, it was absolutely not easy to flash! That's why he kept a close eye on Xiao Hua, and as soon as he approached Xiao Hua, he killed him! But Wu 17 never thought that Xiao Hua's speed could be more than doubled in an instant! In the state of demonization, Xiao Hua's agility is as high as 650, and at the moment it is approaching the 800 mark. Under the extreme force,Adhesive fish ruler, the speed has reached an unprecedented astonishing level! The world's martial arts, only fast not broken! This is true in ancient times, especially in data-based games! Nearly 800 agile under the double speed, Xiao Hua has completely turned into a shadow, Wu 17 in the heart of the big horror at the same time, can only pull away to dodge. Now he can't keep up with Xiao Hua's movements at all! Xiao Hua did not do superfluous action, now he has an absolute advantage, unless Wu 17 can be immune to physical attacks at this time, otherwise Wu 17 is absolutely hanging! Under absolute force,Diameter tape measure, any small action or even skill is superfluous, Xiao Hua at the moment to take the simplest, most direct and most ferocious approach! As soon as the shadow flashed, Xiao Hua approached Wu 17's side, the legend evil blade fierce light flashed, delimited on ten black attack afterimages! There is no skill to speak of the brutal attack, but this brutal attack has absolute power. Although Wu 17 has a skill, it is useless! Wu 17 struggled to dodge, and he is indeed very powerful, in the moment of Xiao Hua's attack, but also can have such a timely response, but avoided the attack in front, followed by the knife light, he is how can not escape the past! Xiao Hua now attacks nearly 1200, the crit rate is more than 50%, Wu 17's HP will not be 5000, so after Xiao Hua's attack even two crit, Horse weight lbs ,Pi tape measure, Wu 17 did not even have time to use the potion, it was directly dropped by seconds! Xiao Hua counterattack time is not long, just a short two seconds, people have not had time to wake up from Xiao Hua's initial burst of amazing speed, and then have seen Wu 17 white light lying on the ground! Although they were prepared, they didn't have time to watch it carefully before. Then they sat aside and watched it at close range. When they saw the amazing speed again, they were really shocked when they realized the terrible speed clearly! Zhan Wushuang and other people are so, with the wind adventure group over there a few people are stunned up! Liu Suifeng saw Wu 17 lying on the ground, and after a moment, he could not help squinting his eyes and looking at Xiao Hua. Bai Qiuyu MM saw a little strange face, and then is dumbfounding, she naturally knows that Wu 17 still has some powerful means, if used one by one, very few people can get away with it, but Xiao Hua is with lightning speed, all of a sudden Wu 17 seconds off, let Wu 17 empty-handed powerful skills, but has not had time to display, fell to the ground with hatred. Aah! Aah! You cheat, open the plug-in! To this result, the most unacceptable is Ding Dang small MM, at this time pointing to Xiao Hua, very unconvinced shouted. Little sister. You can eat indiscriminately, but you can't say anything indiscriminately. I can sue you for slander without evidence.
"Xiao Hua successfully put Wu 17 down on the ground and won the competition. He turned his head and said with a smile to the little MM who was as angry as a frog." Hum, run so fast, it is evidence. "Oh, brother, you are awesome, we lost.". Well, Qiuyu, you can make your own decisions after that. Liu Suifeng smiled and said to Bai Qiuyu very seriously. Bai Qiuyu could not help but be stunned, she did not do much resistance before, promised to make a bet, but she knew that Wu 17 was almost no reason to lose, as long as Wu 17 was not deliberately lost, the bet was tantamount to a blank check. And if Wu 17 lost the game on purpose, she would have more reason to refuse. But did not expect Xiao Hua to win the game, this matter greatly beyond her expectation, then heard Liu Suifeng's words, can not help but Leng Leng, for a time do not know how to do it. …… "Brother, will it be all right to let Sister Qiuyu go with a group of people she doesn't know?" On the way back to Fengsha City, Ding Dang's little MM's round face showed a trace of sadness. Your sister Qiuyu is not a fool. Besides, it's just a game. What can go wrong? Liu Suifeng touched Dingdang MM's black hair and comforted him by saying, "Those people look good, and their character should not be bad. I still have a sense of looking at people." "It's all that guy Zhao's fault. If it wasn't him, Sister Qiuyu wouldn't have to leave." Ding Dang gnashed his teeth and said bitterly. This is also a matter of no way, from the relationship, Qiuyu is his fiancee, we are outsiders, can not intervene more, otherwise the Zhao family that big young master to find our family trouble, our family can not stand. Liu Suifeng sighed. Rare into a game to play, that Zhao big young master also want to follow in, but also every day to jump out if people hate,tape measure clip, full of ten nouveau riche, no quality! Speaking of this man, Ding Dang's round little face showed a look of extreme disgust. tapemeasure.net