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This is a symbol commonly used by Mafia members to provoke. Several men followed, glanced at the ground behind them, and were surprised for a moment. What the fuck Boss Li, who has always been feared by the underground Mafia in the United States, was provoked by a teenager? This ***ing is clearly looking for death! He raised his eyes and saw that the temperature of the eldest brother's whole body seemed to be cold to the extreme in an instant. Nan Heng stared at the symbols piled up on the ground, walked away with long legs, stared at the ground with an expressionless face for a while, and suddenly drew a sneer at the corners of his mouth. It was not difficult to see that the soil under the pile of symbols was a little loose. It should have been buried with some mud mines that were often found in the jungle. He was covered with smelly mud when he came forward to destroy the symbols. Sure enough, he wants to die. Little girl film, really enough with seed! Volume 3 Chapter 746: Wind Chime in the South, Weighing Wood in the North (9) The dawn is too fast, and the darkness is too fast. Los Angeles is full of music in the dark night, and Feng Ling can clearly feel that he is out of tune with the world. Hungry is not hungry, last night in the riverbank to roast a few fish to eat, usually her appetite is not big, at least can support a day, but now walking in the streets of Los Angeles, looking at all kinds of people,Self-closing Faucet, she suddenly realized that her living environment from childhood to adulthood is not the same as here. If you want to live, either go back to the jungle, or go back to a place where the way of life is not very different from the previous few years, but how vicious the Mafia group is, she knows very well that it used to be to eat, to survive, not to be beaten,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and now, which way should she go? …… Six months later. In the mountains west of Los Angeles, several explosions and gunfire overlap, and startled birds fly around in the bushes. For half a year, Feng Ling was used to looking for food in the woods at night, then finding a cave to live in, and then going to the city to find her own way out during the day. Even if the fish and small animals were tired of eating, she had no idea of robbing at all. She even had no idea of money. Even if she robbed it, she could only buy food. She didn't know what else to do. So you might as well find something to eat by yourself. Hearing the sound of gunfire outside in the early morning, Feng Ling opened his eyes and looked at the smoke of gunpowder that could be seen faintly in the air not far away. This kind of place is far away from downtown Los Angeles. The Mafia often like to look for this kind of place to flee around, and the police often choose to be soldiers here. It's a drill However, the smoke of gunpowder does not seem to be a simple exercise, but someone is really causing trouble here. Feng Ling smelled the obvious smell of gunpowder smoke, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, followed the smell to find the past, but when he saw the blood in the bushes and leaves in the woods, he slowed down his pace and looked around at the footprints and the surrounding movement. Walking deep ahead, she suddenly noticed something and was about to get out of the way when she was suddenly held by a blood-stained hand. With a chill on her face, she suddenly lowered her head and looked at a young man who had fallen in the bushes covered with blood at an unknown time, and then looked coldly at his hand on her ankle, showing her murderous intent. Don't go there.. Front It's dangerous. However, the man crawling on the ground covered with blood said this in a hoarse and weak voice. Feng Ling's intention to kill gradually dissipated, and glanced at his appearance of being seriously injured. He easily threw his hand away, did not speak, and was about to move on. There's a small bomb that was recently planted 100 meters away. Don't go there. The man said again, but his voice was very low because of the heavy wound and the loss of blood. Only then did Feng Ling look back at him again. Seeing the gun on his waist, he turned back and squatted down to take the gun down. The young man, who was covered with blood, immediately frowned and looked at her defensively. Seeing that she was not very old, the temperature in her eyes seemed to be out of tune with the world. He frowned: "What are you going to do?" "I'll save you on the condition that this gun is given to me." Feng Ling's words were crisp and cold, and when the other side frowned again and was about to say something, the gun on her waist had been quickly picked up by her, and then moved forward directly.
The young man on the ground did not see her steps clearly, but saw that she had jumped up the tree in the blink of an eye, avoiding the ambushed bombs and mines on the ground, and rushed ahead smoothly. The young man was seriously injured, but the people in the XI base have always had an established rule that the bullets in the XI base must not be used by any enemy or insignificant person. But he crawled for a long time and couldn't get up. After about ten minutes, he faintly seemed to hear a few shots, followed by a silence, and then the sound of rustling leaves being rubbed by clothes, he slowly opened his eyes weakly, and saw the slender and thin teenager coming back in a blur of blood. A pair of black boots stained with mud and blood stood in front of him. Did you get hurt in an ambush? Feng Ling asked. The person on the ground sees she came back, answered immediately: "Be." "Your gun is very good. Give it to me." Feng Ling was not consulting with him, because she had already solved the small minions who had laid an ambush, and she thought that this was the reward and price he should pay. The people on the ground also understood what she meant, and her request was not unreasonable, but the XI base had the rules of the XI base. He frowned and looked up at her again. If you want my gun, you can, but our place has a rule that people who are not us can't use our gun, otherwise I will go back empty-handed, and I will die because I broke the rules. You saved me and killed me at the same time. Feng Ling was not particularly able to understand his words, but he looked at the blood on his body and asked, "Can you still walk?" The person on the ground nods: "Do not have a thing, cannot die, it is exsanguine overmuch and oneself,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, I rest a few hours good." Feng Ling gave him another cold look. She didn't know the logo engraved under the butt of the gun in her hand. She only knew that this kind of gun was the most convenient one she had ever met since she was a child. For no reason, she was curious about where the man said they were. This huge city is not suitable for her to survive, and she can't really go back to the jungle as a normal person. cnkexin.com