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Complete Poems of Bai Juyi
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The immortals went to the Buddhist Palace in pairs. Gradually fear that the world is a temple. Fly to the sky: a work to meet the sky. Xi Liang Ji Xiliangji, A masked man and a fake lion. Wood is carved as the head and silk as the tail. Gold-plated eyes and silver-plated teeth. Fenxun sweaters are placed on both ears. Like thousands of miles from quicksand. Purple beard, deep eyes, two beards. Make a speech in front of the Encouragement Jumper. Should be like Liangzhou not sink day, When Anxidu came in. An instant cloud of new news, Never return to Anxi Road. And weeping to the lion, Liangzhou fall do not know? The lion looked back to the west, A roar of grief from the beholder. Jeong-won will love this song, Sit drunk and laugh to see the inadequacy. Enjoy the banquet of the three armed forces, The lion's beard is in sight. There was a man who was seventy years old, See Nong Liangzhou low face weeping. After weeping, General Bai gathered his hands. The Lord worries about what the minister has heard in the past. Ever since the Tianbao War, Dog Rong swallows the west day and night. Liangzhou fall to forty years, Helong invasion will be seven thousand miles. In peacetime, Anxi Wanlijiang, Today the frontier defense is in Fengxiang. At ordinary times, open the door far away and stand outside,push button toilet flush valve, and the cloud goes to Anxi for nine thousand nine hundred Li to show. Garrison people, not for thousands of miles, in fact, the number of surplus also. Today, the Tibetan and Han envoys go to Come, know in Longzhou trading also. A hundred thousand pawn in an empty village near that edge, Live a leisurely life with full food and warm clothes. Adherents intestines broken in Liangzhou,Concealed Flush Valve, Will pawn look at no intention to close. The son of heaven deplores every time he thinks long, The general wants to say that he is ashamed. However, he still looked at Xiliang Ji. No shame in making fun of Zihuan! Even if no intelligence can not be received, Forbear to take Xiliangnong as a joke? Eight steeds map Mu Wang Ba Jun Tian Ma Ju, The love of later generations is written as a picture. With a back like a dragon and a neck like an elephant, Bones and tendons are high in fat and strong in flesh. Traveling thousands of miles a day is as fast as flying. Where did King Mu ride alone? The four wastelands and the eight poles want to be trampled all over. Thirty-two hooves without rest. The axle can not be folded in time, The grass in the yellow house is abandoned. The Jade Pool went west to the banquet of the Queen Mother. The seven temples have not been recommended for years. Bi Tainan and Sheng Ji You, Ming Tang is no longer a vassal. The songs of "White Cloud" and "Yellow Bamboo" move. One person is desolate and happy, and ten thousand people are sad. Zhou went from Houji to Wenwu. Accumulate virtue, accumulate merit and work hard. Don't you know that there are four generations of grandchildren? The heart is light and the king's industry is like dust. The beauty is not big, If you can swing your heart, it will do harm. But Emperor Wen refused to take it. A swift horse goes to Han Daoxing. King Mu did not act as a warning. Eight steeds come to the week room. Up to now, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, this thing is known as a treasure. I don't know why the essence of Fang Xing is strange. Eight Horses, Jun Mo Ai. Pine at the bottom of the stream A hundred feet of pine, Born at the bottom of the stream, cold and humble. The ravine is deep and the mountain is dangerous and the road is cut off. Old age and death are not measured by work. Emperor Mingtang owes beams and wood. There are two things I don't know about this and that. Who is a metaphor for the meaning of grey creation? But with its material not with the ground. Jin Zhang Shilu was originally poor. The cow's clothes are cold and cheap, and the sable cicada is expensive. Diao Chan and Niu Yi, Although there are differences between high and low. The superior is not necessarily the virtuous. The inferior is not necessarily foolish. Don't you see that coral grows on the bottom of the sea. Planting white elm in the sky. yuan Xianpin: Huang Xianxian. Peony Fang Mudan Fang, Mudan Fang, The golden pistils burst into the red jade room. A thousand pieces of red rosy clouds are rotten. A hundred twigs of crimson lights shine brightly. According to the beautiful section at the beginning of the project, When the wind does not knot the blue musk sac. The immortal tree is white and colorless. The Queen Mother's peach blossoms are small but not fragrant. The night dew is light and purple. The morning sun shone red. The shades of red and purple, To the back, all States follow the low and high. Reflect the sentimental and shy face of the leaves. Lying in the bushes, powerless, with drunken makeup. With a low smile and a suspicious cover of his mouth, Meditation and resentment are like heartbreak. The rich and precious MMS is unique. There is no analogy between miscellaneous flowers and random flowers. How small is the money of Dianthus? Hibiscus peony is bitter and common. Then make the princes and ministers, The swimming corolla covers the sun and faces each other. Che Ruan Yu Gui Princess, Fragrant shirt, fine horse, Haojialang. Wei Gong's residence is quiet and closed in the east courtyard. Ximing Temple has a deep north corridor. Play butterfly double dance to see people for a long time. With the sound of a broken warbler, the spring is long. Sharing sorrow, the sun shines and the fragrance is hard to stay. The curtain still hung down in the shade. Flowers bloom and fall for twenty days. All the people in a city are crazy. For three generations, Wen is better than quality. People's hearts attach importance to beauty rather than reality. Chong Hua till Peony Fang, Its coming is gradually different from today. yuan and the emperor worried about farming and mulberry. The movement under the shirt is auspicious every day. Last year, Jiahe gave birth to nine ears. Tanaka is lonely and no one comes. This year, Re/Mai is divided. No one knows that your heart is only happy. No one knows. Can Sigh. I would like to seek the power of nature for a while. Reduce the enchanting color of peony. Shaohui Qingshi is a playboy. It is the same as my husband's worry about farming. Red line blanket Red Line Blanket, Cocoon selection and silk reeling are boiled in clear water, Pick up the silk, practice the thread, and dye the red and blue. Dye the red line red over blue, Weave a blanket on the temple with incense.
The Hall of Incense is more than ten Zhangs wide. The red thread can be woven into a temple shop. The colorful silk is velvety and fragrant, The thread is soft and the flower is empty. The beauty stepped on the song and dance. Luo's socks and embroidered shoes are not available. The Taiyuan blanket is astringent and hard, Shudu has thin bedding and cold brocade flowers. The blanket is not so warm and soft, Come to Xuanzhou in October every year. Xuancheng Satrap sample weave, He claimed that he was able to do his best as a minister. A hundred men shared the burden in the palace, Thick thread is not allowed to be coiled. Xuancheng Satrap know? A blanket, Thousand taels of silk! The earth does not know the cold and people want to be warm. Take less human clothes to make lichens. [Zhenyuanzhong, Xuanzhou Jinkai sample plus silk blanket.] Du Lingsou Du Lingsou, Du Lingju, More than one hectare of thin land was planted at the age of 18. There is no rain in March, If the wheat seedlings are not beautiful, they will die of yellow. Frost falls in September and autumn is cold early. The unripe ears are all green and dry. Long officials know not to break,Time Delay Tap, Be anxious to collect violence and ask for an examination class. Pawn mulberry sells land for official rent. How will food and clothing be next year? Strip me of my silk, Take the millet from my mouth. Abuse is the jackal. Why do you eat human flesh with claws and teeth! I don't know who played the emperor. The emperor's heart is full of compassion and knows the disadvantages of others. On the white hemp paper is written the sound of Germany. This year's tax is released in the capital city. Yesterday, Li Xufang arrived at the door. Holding the imperial edict list in the village. Nine out of ten rent and taxes are completed. Vain to accept my king's grace. Curl the silk What is the likeness of Aya Aya? Not like Luo Xiao and Wan Qi. It should be like before the moon on Tiantai Mountain. Forty-five feet waterfall and spring. There are wonderful articles in it. The floor is covered with white fireworks and snow. Who is the weaver and who is the weaver. cnkexin.com