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Legend of Goddess.txt _ Replace
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Master Jin further asked, "What is your intention to come to this area?" "Master Jin, you don't suspect that we are here to destroy this martial arts meeting, do you?" "Because your whereabouts are so mysterious that you can't help being suspicious." Master Jin, we can tell you that we have never been interested in the vendetta of various sects in the martial arts world, and we don't want to get involved. We wouldn't have come here if it wasn't for the pursuit of this Jianghu fanatic. Master Kim, are you satisfied with our answer? Shi Daochang said, "I have one more thing to ask you." "Taoist!"! Excuse me "Do you know that Taoist Yun and Elder Yao of the Beggars' Sect were plotted against and died tragically in Maoer Mountain?" "I've heard a little about it.". Isn't that why this martial arts conference was held? "Do you know who the murderer is when your faction appears in this area?" I'm sorry, we don't know. My gang never wants to ask about the vendetta in Jianghu, and I don't want to be unreasonable. "Your school's whereabouts are so mysterious that even the crazy students in Jianghu can track them. Is there anyone who doesn't know?" Shi Daochang, what do you mean by that? You don't suspect we did it, do you? Or suspect that we don't know? Headmaster Du said coldly, "It's very possible!" Zhong Liyu's eyes suddenly flashed like cold electricity, which could shoot through people's hearts. His calm reply just now was due to the fact that they were chivalrous figures and masters of a big school, and he did not want to hurt their face. Seeing that they actually suspected that the Grimace Gang had killed Elder Yao and Taoist Yun, how could they not be angry? But he still suppressed his anger and said coldly,stainless steel toilet, "If you say there is such a possibility, there is such a possibility. I don't want to argue." "Then you admit that you killed Elder Yao and Taoist Yun?" "If you say so." Small orchid is stupefied: "How do you say so?" The little goddess shouted at Headmaster Du, "You old man, how can you talk nonsense like that elder who died a horse?"? Wronged people? Headmaster Du snorted, "This is his own admission. What else can he say?" Feeling suspicious, Master Jin said,Time Delay Faucet, "Master Du, calm down. Don't be so arbitrary.". We'd better ask about it. Although the three eyes do not have a good impression on the grimace gang, he is a shrewd and sophisticated police chief, who is good at distinguishing what people say on what occasion. He fully saw that Zhong Liyu and others were intent on robbing gold and silver, and there was no reason to plot against Elder Yao and Taoist Yun. The reason why the grimace said so was just a moment of anger and pride. "We can't be so arbitrary before we have real evidence," he said. Headmaster Du didn't dare to offend Sect Leader Jin too much, so he looked at him and said, "Even if they are not the real murderers, we can't let them go for the sake of being crazy in Jianghu. Besides, they are very suspicious." Zhong Liyu is not used to self-righteous people, with his past character, stainless steel shower tray ,Flush valve price, more like to make trouble for no reason, make people happy. However, since he became the head of the Yuenu Sword Gate, he has been somewhat restrained and no longer makes so much trouble. Now he had made up his mind to teach this so-called master a good lesson. "Good," he said! Even if we're the real killers, what are you going to do? Master Du said, "You'd better be captured without a fight. Don't wait for us to do it.". In this way, maybe you can save your own life.
” The little goddess said, "You old man are talking in your sleep in broad daylight!"! Will we be captured? Xiaolan said with some feeling, "There are some fatuous, arbitrary and self-righteous masters in the Central Plains Wulin. How can the Central Plains Wulin not be chaotic?"? No wonder Jianghu has set off a series of vendettas! Zhong Liyu said, "If they want to make trouble, we can't avoid it."! Didn't you hear him say that even if we weren't killers, he wouldn't let us go for the sake of Jianghu? "It seems that things in Jianghu have to be solved by martial arts in the end!" Zhong Liyu said disdainfully to Headmaster Du, "Do you want to fight alone, or do you want to fight together?"? It seems that you'd better get together and fight to win or lose so as not to drag on for a long time. Du Headmaster forced the grimace gang to fight step by step, mainly because he misjudged the strength of both sides. He thought that his whip and palm were both excellent, and he was invincible in the northwest. He was just an unknown grimace gang in Jianghu. Even if he was good at martial arts, he could not defeat himself. In addition, Master Jin of the Beggars' Sect and Master Shi Daochang of the Wudang Sect are more than enough to deal with the Grimace Sect. Even without Master Shi, Master Jin and I can get rid of these three members of the Grimace Sect. As for Sima Kong, Du Headmaster looked down on him and thought he was not popular at all. But because he was the Dharma Protector of Huilong Stronghold, he had to be polite. It was because he overestimated himself that he provoked this confrontation. Now he looked at Master Jin and Taoist Shi. "What about us?" Master Jin said, "Now that they have explained, we have to fight!"! Then it's a three-to-three melee! "Not bad," said Master Du. Then he looked at the three people and the people in Huilong Stronghold and said, "Master Duanmu, don't get involved. Take your people and watch the crazy people in Jianghu. Don't let him take the opportunity to escape." Three eyes said: "Yes!"! Master Du. Master Du, Master Jin, and Taoist Shi didn't want to fight with the grimace child. Not only did they not win, but they were even laughed at. Headmaster Du pointed at Zhong Liyu and said, "Wait for this Headmaster to teach you!" "Good!" Shi Daochang then said to Xiao Lan Jishou, "I want to learn from you!" Xiao Lan said, "I dare not!"! Show mercy under the long sword of Wangdao. Master Jin was stupefied, feeling that he was a step behind and was the first to go. Looks like I'm going to have a demeaning confrontation. When he did not know what to do for a moment, the little goddess carried her sword to the front of him and said with a smile, "Call the head of transformation. You have to fight with me!" Master Jin sighed and said,Self-closing Shower Valve, "I can't help it!"! It seems that we have to do so. The little goddess felt that the beggar was a good man and wanted to make fun of him. She said, "Listen to your tone. It seems that you don't want to fight with me. Then let's not fight, shall we?" "We don't fight?" 。 cnkexin.com