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Big entertainer
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"Hurry up and see how many there are. I'll count this pile and you count those." Whether it is the girls of the young nv era, or Park Tae-heng and Kim Yuna, now they are all like a small fortune, and a stack of money in their hands begins to count up. After about ten minutes, the income was counted this time, and the coins in the hands of each person in his team were gathered together. The little sun excitedly reported the result: "Hey, our team here is 1845000 yuan in total. How many yuan do you have in that team?" "We are 1930000 here, we won ~" Yoona in a few seconds after also reported the number, after hearing the result, the little sun they are a little depressed, and the long team members are hugging and cheering, began to celebrate the victory. Wait a minute, it's not over yet. We still have something to auction here. We won't know who is the final winner until the auction is over. Don't be happy too early. "Seeing the long team celebrating, the little sun became more and more depressed, but the girl was still very clever. She thought of an excuse as soon as she turned her eyes." Yes, yes. Taeyeon Hyoyeon also immediately echoed, and Kim Yuna, who belonged to the same team, also cheered behind them. No, if that's the case, it's too unfair. The things brought by Jingyuan oppa and Yuna can obviously be sold at a higher price,Flush Retrofit Kit, which is too bad for us. When the short team made such a fuss, the long team thought about it and immediately protested. Of course, they were not happy with this way of calculation. It was obvious that they would suffer losses. All right, now that you've said that, we won't go too far. I'll give you a few of the things I've brought, and the money from the auction will be counted as your team's. Is that all right? Hearing Li Jingyuan's proposal, the girls of the long body team looked at each other. After a while, they nodded and answered in unison: "call ~". [Volume I,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, Section 551, Open Air Auction] Section 551 Open-air auction It's called an auction, but it's not that formal. Everyone just set up a long table at the door of the shop, put everything on it, and then began to shout in front of the crowd outside. [shuhaige.com] The so-called shouts are not like the salesmen in the shopping mall, who use all kinds of sweet words to attract customers. After this half-day activity, there are already a lot of people and fans here. It is almost crowded. The part of attracting guests can be omitted. Now we just need to tell these people about the rules. After Taeyeon, the captain, said a few words with a loudspeaker, the auction officially began. The first thing to take out is the girl's CD, after all, is the host of this program, or to play a leading role. And the girls may also think that the CD may not be sold at a high price, so it is better to put it in front of the auction. Put in the back and those high-priced items together, Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, the price difference that suddenly falls down will inevitably make the auction appear a low tide, the girls as the owner of the CD will also lose face, after considering these factors, clever girls will naturally not make that choice. All the members of Girls' Generation have signed CDs. The reserve price is 8,000 yuan. Do you want it? Taeyeon took the loudspeaker to shout, and Yoona learned those showgi. He also displayed the items, while the little sun picked up the hammer on the table, ready to drop the hammer to confirm. Since it is a charity sale, the price of the goods can not be the same as usual, regardless of the final auction price, at least the bottom price is lower than the actual price of the goods. Girls of this CD is like this, the original price of fifteen thousand yuan, was directly cut in half, marked a reserve price of eight thousand yuan. The latter items will be the same, and will be auctioned from a level lower than the actual price.
"Ten thousand", "fifteen thousand", "twenty thousand ~" Although the reserve price is relatively low, but after the auction began, the crowd and fans quickly raised the price, after all, this CD has all the signatures of Girls' Generation, which is more memorable than the CD bought directly in the stereo store. And in other words, the girls are not as famous as they worry, after all, is s. M strong combination, but also Li Jingyuan's usual care and support, so now they are much better than the same period in history, still not popular. As a result, the number of people who wanted to get the CD was relatively large. After raising the price to each other, the CD was finally bought by a fan for 50,000 won. Thank you for your support ~ "The girls were also very happy to see that the CD was sold at such a price. When the buyer came up to collect the CD, the girls thanked him at the same time. The excited Yoon also gave him a hug as a special reward." Below is the CD of SJ, base price 10 thousand yuan, want please bid cough up. After a while, SJ's CD was auctioned off at a price of 45,000 yuan. Although it was 5,000 yuan less than the CD of girls' generation, it did not mean that the girls' popularity had surpassed that of SJ. After all, they were at the scene now, and face was also a factor. And the person that buys these two CDs is a male, compare, lovely wenches still should have a few advantages than SJ. After SJ's CD is auctioned off, it's big The CD of ang, at the same time, there are two hats provided by G-Dragon and Dacheng. This situation is slightly different from that in history. In the original history, big The ang only provided the CD, but now because of the influence of Li Jingyuan,Time Delay Tap, the relationship between Girls' Generation and them is much closer, so they find big in the gap of music programs. When ang, they provide a little more. big。 cnkexin.com