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Mysterious Excalibur
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He struggled with his body and only twisted a few times, and the gold medal fell from his arms. Immediately, a rider raised his whip, rolled up the gold medal on the ground, and handed it to Tang Chenglong. Seeing the gold medal, Tang Chenglong was surprised and asked, "Where did this gold medal come from?" "It's my son's!" You put me down! Tang Chenglong stopped talking, pressed Li Le's body, whistled to the crowd, and ran to the city gate. By the time Li Le reached the city gate, Tang Chenglong's ancestors had been scolded by him for 18 generations. All the dirty words that Li Le knew had been scolded, and he was tired of scolding. He leaned against the wall and looked around in a daze. Here is a large firewood room, the firewood is neatly stacked into five stacks, the walls are pink and white, new and clean. Above the back wall, there was a ventilation window of peach wood and green paint, and the black door was unclosed. But there were two big men standing outside the door. Tang Chenglong didn't care too much about him. Everyone could see that he was a dandy who didn't know martial arts. Whose mansion is this? A dilapidated woodshed is so luxurious. He said to himself. Is anybody there? Young Master is hungry. ……” He cried out. The man outside the door turned a deaf ear and pretended to be deaf and dumb. Fuck! Even in prison,Service Sink Faucets, there is a man who delivers meals. For three or four hours, when the young master does not exist? No one paid any attention to him. More than five hundred taels of silver tickets on his body, the long sword like a treasure, the gold medal given to him by the old beggar woman, and the beef jerky he brought with him were all taken away by Tang Chenglong. Bandits and robbers. Li Le scolded two sentences, and his stomach "cooed" twice. " "Five Viscera Temple" Rebellion, really can not feel at ease. He stood up and looked around. Let you see what the young master can do. He secretly said in his heart. There are only two ways out,Flushometer valve, the gate and the window. Climbing out of the window is bound to make a noise. How can the two strong men outside the door not hear it? Even if they are deaf, once they go out of the window, they will inevitably attract the attention of the people who come and go. Li Le estimated everything, and finally rolled his eyes and came up with a plan. Hiding in the firewood, breaking the transom. The strong man outside looked through the crack in the door and was surprised. They rushed to the back of the house. Li Le jumped out of the firewood stack. With well-developed limbs and a simple mind, how can you not fall into this young master's plan of'diverting the tiger to the high mountain '? He swaggered out of the gate with a smile and a smugness. As soon as he came out of the door, he stood still. In front of him stood a man, Tang Chenglong. Tang Chenglong did not catch him, but said two words: "Come here!" Li Le was frightened, but he had to go with him. Walk through the courtyard, around the three pavilions, through the reception hall, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, turn left, and enter an elegant room. The carved railings outside the house are surrounded, the flowers and trees in front of the windows are sparse, and the beaded curtains inside the house are fragrant with tea. Good style, good manner, good style, good head. He said and saw the teapot on the table. He picked up the teapot and emptied it. Then he asked, "What did you bring me here for?" Tang Chenglong said, "Your lordship has told you to ask Mr. Li to collapse here. What happened before was a misunderstanding." "That's more like it!" Li Le smiled and suddenly asked, "How do you know my surname is Li?" "All the other sons have arrived except you, Mr. Li." Tang Chenglong asked, "How could I not know?" Li Le is confused. Tang Chenglong pointed to the bundle on the table and said, "This is your personal belongings. Please take it back." Li Le opens the bundle-look, five silver tickets of one hundred taels and several pieces of silver, as well as his favorite "love at first sight" sword. But the first thing he picked up was the half of the silver hairpin with wind chimes. As he tidied up his things, he said, "Where are my five steamed stuffed buns with red bean paste and half a catty of beef jerky?" Tang Chenglong smiled and said, "The reception banquet is about to begin." Li Le smiled and nodded slightly. How is Mr. Li? "Tang Chenglong has nothing to say.". Li Le took one look at him and said to himself, "I've never heard my father say that I know someone like Tang Chenglong." "All right!"! In good health "Oh!" He answered casually.
"Mr. Li's prestige and achievements in Jianghu will not cause too much trouble, but why didn't he come to Jinan to watch the ceremony with his son this time?" Li Le listened more and more confused. When did Li Changchun have prestige in Jianghu? "Has Tang mistaken me for someone else?" He asked. "My gold medal?" He asked hurriedly. "Riding the dragon gold medal has been taken back!" Tang Chenglong said, "After the meeting of heroes, regardless of achievements, there will be a heavy gift to send." Li Le couldn't help exclaiming, "Are you the Jin family?" He had lived in Jinan for a month, and naturally he had heard about it. Jin Zhongkui, the biggest gentry in the city, held a heroic meeting for his only daughter. Childe is really good at joking. Childe has been to this room. "I seem to be more confused than you!" "My subordinates remember that in November six years ago, you and your mother settled down in our place. How could you forget?" "No!" Li Le laughed. Six years ago, when the childe was only thirteen years old, but now he is Yushu Linfeng, handsome son Lang. He looked at Li Le and could not go on. Anyone can see that Li Le is only sixteen years old at most. Li Le has confirmed that he has mistaken him for someone else. This gold medal has already had an owner. "But this man is also surnamed Li," he said to himself. "It's my own family. I'll borrow your light." He dared not say anything, or he would be sent back to the woodshed to starve. Uh! Brother Tang, I'm flattered "Li Le straightened his chest to make himself look taller." Tang Mou. Tell the truth. Li Le laughed and said, "Brother Tang, how about some tea for my son first?" Tang Chenglong laughed and said hurriedly, "Please forgive me. I'm going to have a snack." He bowed out of the door. Tang Chenglong walked out of the door with a cold smile on his face. He came to the back of the hall and shouted, "Somebody!"! For 'Buxuezhai 'Sent two plates of cakes. As soon as he looked up, he saw a man in a brocade robe at the entrance of the hall,Prison toilet for sale, with a white face, squinting at himself. Tang Chenglong walked over and whispered: "Manager Du, do you think this will work?". cnkexin.com