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Ruyi good son-in-law (ancient saying crossing)
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However, Liu Yanning was better than Liu Qing in the end. There was no suspense, so he decided on the marriage. Liu Qing often teased him with this matter in those days. As a result, her brother had nothing to do with her engagement this day. Even Liu Yanlin and his wife went with him. Instead, Liu Qing was left at home by them. Second sister-in-law Xiao Lin said to Liu Qing when she came back, "I heard your second brother say that Lord Xi liked Big Brother very much. I didn't believe it. I didn't know until I went to Lord Xi's house today. If it weren't for Lady Xi, Big Brother wouldn't be back yet and would be held by Lord Xi!" Although the two families have been engaged, but after all, Lord Xi's official position is bigger than Liu Yanning, so the Liu family is still used to using honorific titles. After hearing this, Liu Qing couldn't help guessing. It seemed that her brother's future father-in-law was very satisfied with him, but she didn't know if her brother had already known that Lord Xi intended to choose him as his son-in-law. Her brother should have known for a long time, Liu Qing remembered that she had teased him with her future sister-in-law before, and he looked calm and unmoved, and should be fully confident. And although their master is sometimes relatively strong, but not old-fashioned, before they look at each other, the master should have asked his own opinion, which is called the arrangement of the house. But in any case, this is really a happy event. From Liu Yanning's point of view, it is not impossible to find a wife with a better family background,plastic pallet manufacturer, but the marriage is not so satisfactory. If he is alone, it doesn't matter. But he still has a large family to take care of. Not only his mother, but also his elderly grandparents, including his uncles who support him to study, and those cousins and nephews below, are also his responsibilities. Without Liu Yanning today, now that he has come to the fore, naturally we can't forget to pull these relatives. Grandfather and his family can't come to Beijing now,stackable plastic pallets, but they will come to live with him in the future. If he marries a wife whose family status is too high, he is afraid that the other party will have a bad temper, and that the elders will suffer, not to mention that there will be no peace in the family. The daughter of Xi's family is just right. The five-grade imperial censor is not impressive in Beijing. He should not be able to raise a daughter who looks at people with his nostrils. Moreover, Xi's family is upright, and his family style is good. Although his family status is higher than theirs, it is not so high as to press him at any time. It should make sense when things happen. Liu Yanning is very satisfied with these. Liu Qing is also very happy, she did not think so deeply, like this marriage for two reasons, Miss Xi is very beautiful, her brother is also a god-level figure in modern times, appearance, temperament and intelligence are not lacking, and Miss Xi such a white, rich and beautiful goddess to match it. Miss Xi is not only good-looking, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, but also has a good personality. She speaks gently and softly. She doesn't belong to the type of long-sleeved dancing, but she should be more compatible with her mother. Liu Qing sometimes really worries about her mother's submissive character. If her brother marries a fierce wife, her mother will probably be angry with her daughter-in-law. Look at Miss Xi's appearance, there should be no need to worry about this problem. Now that everyone is satisfied, the wedding date is also very close. Miss Xi is now seventeen years old. It seems that her father passed away a few years ago, and there was no suitable candidate during the period of worry. When Miss Xi was old, the marriage was even more difficult to say, which was delayed until now. If Miss Xi is an "older leftover woman", then Liu Yanning is an authentic "older leftover man". Lord Xi's family is anxious to marry their daughter, and Liu Qing's family is not necessarily relaxed. Liu Yanlin is younger than Liu Yanning, the child can run and jump, Liu Yangen is also fierce, the daughter-in-law just received in Beijing, was diagnosed pregnant in the body, calculate the days, it should be that they just returned home when they were pregnant. If Liu Yanning doesn't hurry up, it is estimated that Liu Yanlin will be ready to have a second child. The two families were anxious and hit it off, and the wedding date was set at the end of November. So Liu Qing this time in addition to learning the rules, nothing to help her mother on the issue of betrothal gifts, but also to decorate the new house. The news of Liu Yanning's engagement was sent back to his hometown, and Uncle Liu also gave a letter that they must have rushed to Beijing before they got married.
Think of the time a large family crowded together, three into the yard is also a little narrow, just when Uncle Liu wrote back, and asked someone to bring a few silver tickets, the money is more than enough for the betrothal gift, Li and Liu Yanning after discussion, asked the workers to expand the yard. The advantage of the big courtyard is reflected at this time, the periphery is under construction, Liu Qing they live without any impact, even the noise is not heard much. After nearly four months of busyness, the day of Liu Yanning's marriage finally came. It was a great event for the whole Liu family. Uncle Liu and Jiang led several grandchildren to Beijing under the escort of Uncle Liu. They expected to go back after the New Year, so they took the children with them. Jiang Jingxing returned to Beijing a few days later than Uncle Liu. Although he had passed the college examination a few months ago and became a serious scholar, he still stayed in Suzhou and didn't come back. Liu Qing also figured it out later. Jiang Jingxing had to go back to his ancestral home to take the exam. It should be to make friends. The name of Jiangnan gifted scholars is not empty. At least half of the courtiers were born in Jiangnan. Jiang Jingxing has become a Jiangnan examinee, and it is much more convenient to make friends. But Liu Qing is just a wild guess, this matter is not involved in Jiang Jingxing a person, and may not even be just Jiangning Hou Fu's plan, she did not ask so much. Jiang Jingxing originally seemed to be coming back for the Chinese New Year, but now Liu Yanning is going to get married. As a good friend and future brother-in-law, Jiang Jingxing naturally can't miss this wedding feast. On the second day of Jiang Jingxing's return to Beijing, he came to visit the Liu family. When Uncle Liu and Jiang saw him coming, they were happier than when they saw their own grandson. Until they sent him away, the smiles on their faces never stopped. Uncle Liu could not hide his pride and sighed to everyone: "Since Yanning won the first prize, the happy events in our family are one after another!" Chapter 159 The life of the Liu family is getting better and better day by day, but it can not be said to be perfect. For example, Liu Yanning has been married for nearly a year, and his wife's stomach has not moved at all, which is enough to make the Liu family feel worried. Liu Yanning is the eldest son of the long room,plastic pallet box, although Liu Yanlin and Liu Yangen have given birth to a son, but the great-grandson of the long room did not come out, Uncle Liu they can not settle down for a day. cnplasticpallet.com