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Do-woo! Stop it
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"Yier, get up quickly.". "Meng Jia Xiaolangjun, please get up quickly." Ziyun smiled indifferently, and the relief in her eyes was particularly obvious. The child is not filial, let the father wait for a long time. Xuanyi got up under the signal of Ziyun's eyes. It's been hard all the way. Ziyun finished, looked at Xuanyi and Meng Che's cheeks, found that they were much less than the last time they met, the heart can not help but feel distressed. So he had no choice but to chuckle and turn around and walk ahead, leading the two of them back to Cloud Gate for a nap. When three demon Dan with red, black and white light and a fist-sized soul stone were placed in front of her eyes, Ziyun's hands on her legs trembled obviously. I wanted to blend the three demon elixirs with the returning soul stone immediately after I got the demon elixir to save my mother's three souls. At this point, Xuanyi looked up at Ziyun. He was worried that Ziyun would be sad when he heard the word "mother". At this time, he saw that although his expression was slightly shaken, it was still normal. Then he went on to say: "But then he thought that it might be safer to bring the demon Dan and the soul stone back to Liuxian Island and use them next to his mother's body." After hearing this, Ziyun glanced at Xuanyi. He knew that Xuanyi's worries were not unreasonable, and he could understand Xuanyi's intentions. This thoughtful child wanted him to see his wife's three souls return to their positions. Ziyun raised a hand and patted Xuanyi on the shoulder, which was very comforting. When Xuanyi and Meng Che ate some dry food and drank some tea, their tired bodies had recovered a lot. Without further delay,plastic bulk containers, the three of them headed for the underground palace of the Cloud Gate. The three of them soon came to the coffin where Nangong Ying was placed. Xuanyi looked at the body of Nangong Ying and saw that her face was quiet, as if she were asleep. He felt a little at ease. He took out the stone of returning to the soul and the demon elixir. After biting his finger, he pinched his finger with his other hand and made the blood ooze out a little more. Then he quickly wrote the eight characters of Nangongying's birthday in blood on the stone of returning to the soul. At the same time, Ziyun used his spiritual power to urge the demon Dan, and under his spiritual power, the three demon Dan were slowly suspended in three directions on the returning soul stone. Then his eyes were shining,spill plastic pallet, and the aura suddenly rolled under his fingers, pressing the three demon elixirs into the body of the returning soul stone. With blood as the guide and absorbing the power of the demon elixir, the original black stone body suddenly burst into magnificent light. The colorful glow of the soul stone illuminated the dark underground palace as if it had been infected by the morning glow. The gloomy feeling in the underground palace disappeared in an instant, and even the dark stone wall of the underground palace was stained with a layer of warm orange light. At this time, Ziyun, Xuanyi and Meng Che suddenly saw a white smoke floating out of the coffin where Nangong Ying's body was placed, which seemed to be summoned by the traction of the Gui Hun Stone. The white smoke turned into a white fog floating above the Gui Hun Stone for a moment, and was inhaled into the stone body. After the white fog disappeared, the dazzling brilliance emitted by the returning soul stone suddenly disappeared, and in a twinkling of an eye, the underground palace was restored to its previous gloomy darkness. Ziyun, Xuanyi and Meng Che were shocked by the wonderful scene in front of them. They were stunned for a long time and were silent. They all guessed that the white smoke was the seven souls of Nangong Ying, and the light of the returning soul stone returned to silence. It must be that the three souls and seven souls of Nangong Ying merged with each other. It was terribly quiet all around, euro plastic pallet ,drum spill containment, except for the torches burning on the stone walls of the underground palace, which occasionally made a "sizzling" sound. Xuanyi felt that he was breathing more and more rapidly in this quiet underground palace, and his heartbeat was almost uncontrollable. He could clearly hear himself panting more and more quickly now. And Meng Che's breathing sounded a little unstable at this time. None of them made a sound, for fear that a sound would disturb the coming ghost. Xuanyi tried to open his eyes wide, afraid that he would miss anything that shocked him if he closed his eyes. Just then, a cold wind suddenly blew through the underground palace. The wind, like a whirl, rolled up three people in order, and the clothes of Xuanyi and Meng Che floated up in the cold wind. Ziyun was the first to feel the origin of the wind, and she couldn't help shaking all over. He suddenly moved his eyes to the direction of the wind and stared at it. Xuanyi looked at that place along Ziyun's eyes, and suddenly a figure slowly appeared in front of the empty stone wall. From the blue and grey skirt, to the white waist, then to the well-cut and well-shaped upper body, and then to the cold and gorgeous face of the past reappearing in the world. Yi'er.
"The sweet and gentle female voice sounded empty, and then the female voice obviously trembled, suddenly exclaimed:" Purple.. Ziyun! Xuanyi did not know when he shed tears, but when he realized it, he was already in tears. Months of time, after several tribulations, all for this moment! "Mother!" Xuanyi even the voice can not stop the trembling, he wanted to immediately rush to the side of Nangong Ying's soul, but half squatting on the ground legs seem to have been emptied of strength general soft can not stand. Meng Che quickly supported Xuanyi, who almost fell to the ground, hugged his waist and put one of his arms around his shoulder to help him up, trying to take him to the soul of Nangong Ying. But as soon as he picked up Xuanyi, he looked up and found that Nangong Ying had come to his eyes. She looked gratefully at Meng Che, her eyes trembling from side to side, looking at Xuanyi for a while, Ziyun for a while, her lips trembling for a long time, but she began to cry silently. However, the soul had no tears, only her misty choking voice echoed quietly in the empty underground palace. Ziyun was too excited to speak at this time. He hugged Nangong Ying and leaned into his arms, as if he wanted to rub the years of separation and yearning into his soul. Ying'er. For a long time, he shook his voice and called Nangong Ying's nickname. Xuanyi watched his parents' souls embrace each other tightly in front of him, trembling all over with excitement. He was completely unable to stand steadily, and his legs seemed to be useless and unable to support his body. Meng Che hugged him tightly with one hand, so that he could barely stand and reunite with his parents. Words and deeds, this is a happy thing, don't be too sad. Meng Che's eyes were also slightly red at this time,plastic trash bins, and the cold voice of the past sounded very gentle at this time. He has a deep love and helplessness for Xuanyi's life experience. What we can do is just to accompany him, but it can not replace the suffering of his soul brought by fate. Even though Ziyun and Nangong Ying could not embrace Xuanyi physically, they still leaned over and embraced Xuanyi's body with their arms. cnplasticpallet.com