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He laughed, too, and his breath was instantly white. He pulled Zixi in front of him, and her tall body almost wrapped her up. He pulled the corner of the scarf on his chest and wrapped it around Zixi's neck, grinning at her as she looked up. So it's not cold. He still smiled, like a child, unreservedly happy. Zi Xi bowed his head and smiled. The warmth on Arthur's body seemed to spread all the way to her through the connected scarf, and the winter night of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new was not as cold as Zixi had imagined. As the night thickened, Zixi stood in the square for hours without counting, and could not see clearly what had happened in front of him. The cheers of the crowd rose higher and higher until the huge countdown crystal lamp slowly descended, and the mood of the crowd in the square almost reached its peak. Huge numbers popped up on the big screen, and the crowd counted down in unison. Zi Xi quietly looked at the jubilation of the crowd around him, and his nose was a little sour. She came to count down once, when she was just a person, shivering with cold, looking at other people's bright smiles and smiling, when she saw him, and then let him take over her life. TEN,NINE……” With the beating numbers,collapsible pallet box, the atmosphere became more and more fanatical. THREE…… TWO…… ONE…… ZERO……” Huge cheers, colorful scraps of paper fell from the sky, and people hugged, kissed, or danced together. Gently hugged by the man's strong arms, she turned in Arthur's arms and let him lead her to dance gently. It seemed that at this moment the words were superfluous expressions, nestled in Arthur's arms,plastic wheelie bins, as if all the cold and noise had been isolated from his arms. Happy New Year, Zixi. He said in her ear. Looking up to see his brilliant smiling eyes, that moment Zixi actually found himself looking forward to his kiss. But instead of kissing her, he continued to hold her tight and embrace her quietly in the noisy crowd. Zixi sighed contentedly and gently encircled his strong narrow waist with both hands. Looking up at the sky, at this moment she found herself like a young girl in love, sweet and moved to cry. Zi Xi doesn't like the farewell scene, or she hasn't experienced it. No one has ever cared about her leaving or staying, and the people around her have never cared about what their leaving or staying means to her. For so many years, she did not go to pick up Chu Errui's plane, nor did anyone see her off to welcome her, so the feeling of standing at the airport to bid farewell was totally strange to her. Standing on one side, she looked a little confused, watching Xiao Baobao say goodbye to Arthur, mobile garbage bin ,heavy duty plastic pallet, and the hugs between sister and brother made her heart warm. Zi Xi. Arthur let go of Xiao Bao Bao and stood in front of Zi Xi. With a favorable wind. She flashed a smile. A few hours ago, they were standing in Times Square to celebrate the New Year together, but now a few hours later, she wants to send him away in person. Uh Arthur looked at her deeply, trying to impress her smile on his mind at this moment. Look here. Ten paces away from them, Xiao Baobao held up his camera. Arthur naturally took Zixi's shoulder and looked at the camera. Suddenly, the heat in her ears made Zixi shrink her neck, but his next words made her eyes hot. Zixi, be happy. The man in the photo did not smile, but his expression was contented as if he held the whole world in the palm of his hand. The woman in the photo had moist red eyes, and her smile was shallow, sour and true. She never knew that the photo of the airport and the Disney photo would accompany Arthur for many years to come. Zixi, can I hug you again? Arthur withdrew his hand reluctantly. Arthur, take care. Taking the initiative to embrace Arthur, Zixi took a shallow breath, trying to remember the sunshine fragrance on the teenager's body. Arthur tightened his arms. She liked his hug, the fierce male breath and the feeling of unknown things gave her infinite sense of security, and many years later she realized that the inexplicable emotion was cherished and loved. Five years, no, three years, I will come back to you, and I hope you won't forget me again. He whispered in her ear. He let go of her, took the necklace from around his neck, and put it in her hand. This is the last time I let you go. As if performing some kind of ritual, he imprinted a kiss on her forehead, then took two steps back with a smile, turned around and waved his hand, and left with his head held high.
"Silly boy." Xiao Baobao walked to Zixi's side and watched Arthur side by side with her, his eyes full of tenderness. The pendant of the necklace is a hollowed-out frame cut by a giant diamond, which is embedded with an almost transparent dragon-shaped totem jade. Zixi doesn't understand diamonds and jades, but even a fool knows that the necklace is priceless, but what really surprises her is the shape of the totem. This is Arthur's family totem, and he has the same tattoo on his body. Xiao Baobao took the initiative to explain. I went to China a few years ago, but I was not so tall and strong at that time. Ah, my hair was dyed black at that time. Recalling what Arthur had said to him before, it turned out that the strange familiarity at that time was because. When we first met, Arthur's words echoed in Zixi's ears. Is he the exotic teenager who had a crazy night five years ago? He recognized her from the beginning? "I have too." Zi Xi looked at the necklace foolishly and lost his mind for a moment. Ah Xiao Baobao doesn't know why. Man is an animal who is afraid of loneliness and longs for the tenderness of being embraced. Zi Xi likes the feeling of hugging, and the warmth from the warm body of the other side can make her temporarily ignore the cold of the world. She hugged him from behind Chu Errui, her chin resting on his shoulder, and even her long legs were wrapped around him like a koala. She had been in this position since dinner, she was a little sleepy, her mind was so confused that she didn't know what she was thinking,foldable bulk container, and many past fragments that she had deliberately forgotten flashed through her mind from time to time. Arthur has been gone for more than half a month. Fortunately, Chu Errui has been staying here uncharacteristically for half a month. It's a strange feeling. She thinks that if there is no Errui for half a month, she will feel lonely when she is used to the cold. cnplasticpallet.com