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Roaring Beauty-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise
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"What are you looking at, brother Zhuo?" Cried Zhou Sanwei in astonishment. Only then did Zhuo Yilun come out of his trance and suddenly become alert. He replied, "Old Zhou doesn't know something. While you are sleeping soundly, someone has come to seek revenge on Master Guo, the'Eight Palms of the Heavenly Dragon. '" "Who is this man?" Asked Zhou Sanwei, raising his eyebrows. Still a little distracted, Zhuo Yilun answered casually, "Her name is Roaring Beauty." Zhou Sanwei frowned and said, "What kind of person is this? I never knew that my brother Guo had such an enemy, and I never heard the name of'roaring beauty '." Zhuo Yilun was alert to the fact that he was out of his mind. He made a slip of the tongue. Sui Jun's face burned slightly and he said with shame, "Her name is Xiahou Juan.." The word "Xiahou Juan" came out, and Zhou Sanwei, the "Tianqin Drunken Old Man", was so frightened that he was completely drunk. He jumped up and stared at him, shouting, "The only daughter of Xiahou Xun, the Great Hero." Zhuo Yilun nodded and replied, "The old man is right at all." Zhou Sanwei looked at Zhuo Yilun and asked hurriedly, "This.." Where is this girl now? Zhuo Yilun sniggered at Zhou Sanwei for relying on his old age to sell his old age. If he heard the three words "this wench" in Xiahou Juan's ears, he would surely roar wantonly and make this "Tianqin Drunken Old Man" laugh and cry, with a dusty face. As he thought to himself, he answered, "Miss Xiahou has left here on a long journey and has disappeared." Zhou Sanwei frowned and said,ghana seed extract, "This girl's enmity with my brother Guo is as deep as the sea, and her hatred is as heavy as a mountain. Since she has come from far away to seek revenge, how can she easily retreat?" Zhuo Yilun said, "I tell you that Master Guo has been killed. Let go of the world of mortals.." Without waiting for Zhuo Yilun to finish, Zhou Sanwei pointed to the grave with his white finger and asked in surprise, "Didn't Xiahou Juan know that this is my brother Guo's grave?"? Why didn't she try to open the grave and poke the corpse to vent her anger? Zhuo Yilun could not think of it, nor could he understand why Zhou Sanwei said so? Filled with surprise, she replied truthfully, "Miss Xiahou's heart is quite bright and kind. She thinks that when people die,carnosic acid price, their enmity disappears. There is no need to open the grave and bring disaster to the ignorant bones under the spring. She is full of enmity." Hate, all transferred to Duguzhi, He Chengtian and other two disabled people, to find them, to vent revenge. With a deep sigh, Zhou Sanwei said with a wry smile, "My God!"! Although my sleep was refreshing and comfortable, it was not the right time for me to fail to live up to my brother Guo's earnest trust. Zhuo Yilun asked, "Mr. Zhou, what did Master Guo ask you to do?" Zhou Sanwei replied, "Brother Guo asked me to try to find Xiahou Juan here, explaining that it was the grave of the man who killed her father. He asked Xiahou Juan to open the grave, split the coffin, and poke the corpse to vent her anger." Zhuo Yilun said in astonishment, "Why did Master Guo do this?"? He wouldn't have set up a powerful ambush in the grave and coffin. "Brother Zhuo," cried Zhou Sanwei with a slightly displeased look, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,ghana seed extract, "I, Brother Guo, have been as benevolent and righteous as heaven all my life. You shouldn't have the idea of insulting him like this." Zhuo Yilun said with a smile, "Don't misunderstand me, old man. I have explained in advance that I don't believe Master Guo will have a very vicious arrangement in the coffin of the grave.". But it was too inexplicable for him to ask the old man Zhou to find Miss Xiahou Juan and let her open the coffin and poke the corpse. With a deep sigh, Zhou Sanwei cried out, "Brother Zhuo, you don't know that Xiahou Xun, the father of Xiahou Juan, and my brother Guo are good friends." Zhuo Yilun said, "Miss Xiahou Juan has told me these things." Zhou Sanwei said with a wry smile, "The death of Xiahou Xun was actually caused by his own practice of Qigong. He was possessed by the devil. It was not caused by my brother Guo." Zhuo Yilun nodded and said, "I think Daxia Guo is highly respected. He would never do such a contemptible thing as deceiving his friends. But I don't understand why he didn't take the initiative to explain the truth to Xiahou Juan." "Brother Zhuo has the same idea as I do," said Zhou Sanwei, "but I, Brother Guo, feel it. Now that he was suspected, he could not be trusted to defend himself. Besides, Xiahou Juan was still a child at that time and was not easy to understand, so he decided to escape from the world for the time being. He waited for Xiahou Juan to grow up and practice her unique skills. When he sought revenge against his father, he would use the best way to clear his name.
” Zhuo Yilun said with a sigh, "It's not a bad idea for Master Guo, but he has gone to the world of mortals. He died a tragic death and died in the world of mortals. Even if he had the best way to wash away his innocence, he would have gone down the drain. Wouldn't he have been wronged and humiliated forever?" With deep emotion, Zhou Sanwei went on to say, "I, Brother Guo, am a man of pure cultivation. He seems to have predicted the fate of life and death. He once specially made a small iron box and kept it in secret. He told me that if the incarnation was in danger, I would bury him with this box.." Zhuo Yilun raised his eyebrows and asked, "What is in this box?"? Is not the volume of Wulin Secret Book "Baizhuan Zhenjing" '? "? Zhou Sanwei shook his head and replied, "There is a thick stack of bamboo slips in the Baizhuan Sutra. I saw with my own eyes that my brother Guo denounced them as the root of the trouble. He worked his good friend to death and burned them with his own hands."! Therefore, it was impossible to know what was hidden in the small iron box, but Brother Guo said that as long as Xiahou Juan dug the grave and split the coffin, and opened the iron box, he would be able to smile in his grave. It happened that when Xiahou Juan came here to seek revenge, I didn't know anything about it. I was drunk and fell asleep, and failed to live up to my good friend's advice. Zhuo Yilun said, "Don't be sad, old man Zhou. I should be responsible for this mistake." Afraid of being reminded by him, Zhou San frowned and asked, "Brother Zhuo, why did you tamper with the wine?"? Otherwise, although there is something in the heart, wine is easy to intoxicate, but I-to indulge in Dukang, where will be drunk. Zhuo Yilun had no choice but not to wait for the end of Wednesday's words, then he found that he was suffering from acute pain, but must be treated quietly, and so on, said again. After hearing this, Zhou Sanwei said with a wry smile,fenugreek saponins, "Brother Zhuo has a kind heart. He has saved my life. How dare I blame you? Since there is no mistake in this matter, what is the use of regret?"? Let's study how to avenge my brother Guo? And forced to find the trace of Xiahou Juan. Zhuo Yilun pointed to the woods in the west and said, "Xiahou Juan came from here and went from here." 。 prius-biotech.com