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Super Soldier King
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The little boy slightly curled his mouth, but did not refute Ye Qian, which made Huangfu Qingtian really surprised. This little devil in Kyoto is really very few people do not know, all day trouble, fart big children, but always look like an adult. However, because his family is one of the most powerful in Kyoto, no one really dares to touch him. Those guys in the bar last night all have eyes but don't know Mount Tai. I guess there are no good days now. This little devil is not afraid of anything, and only his grandfather can control him at home, but the old man loves this grandson too late, where is too willing to scold him. Now, this little devil unexpectedly to Ye Qian a pair of obedient appearance, this has to let Huangfu Qingtian surprised ah, do not know Ye Qian to this boy in the end with what wrist, unexpectedly will let him like this. I'm going to have breakfast. Shall I send you back to the hotel or to the company? Huangfu Qingtian glanced at Ye Qian and asked. No, I have to visit someone later. I can't help what the old man told me. Ye Qian said, "Don't look at me like that. I promise there won't be a next time." Huangfu Qingtian shook his head helplessly and turned away without asking Ye Qian who he was going to see. Brother, why don't you go to my house? My grandfather said he wanted to see you and say thank you face to face. The little boy said, "Brother, you are my brother. You must teach me your kung fu.". It's so handsome. It's much better than what my grandfather taught. Ye Qian smiled and said,jujube seed powder, "OK, but I have business to do now.". After I finish my business, as long as you can find me in Kyoto City, I promise to teach you kung fu. "Brother, that's what you said. Don't fool me." The little boy smiled and said, "There is no one I can't find in Kyoto." Ye Qian shook his head helplessly, patted the little boy on the head,pumpkin seed extract, and left the police station. In the car of a Jeep Wrangler that had been waiting beside him, the driver clearly saw this scene, his expression was somewhat stunned and very shocked. After seeing Ye Qian leave, the driver hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed it, saying, "Chief, it seems that the man who saved the young master is not simple. Huangfu Qingtian has just come. It seems that he should have come for him." "Huangfu Qingtian?" The old man on the opposite side was slightly stupefied and said, "Check his background and see if he has any purpose to approach Haoyu." "Chief, it seems that the young master is afraid of him. No, it should be said that he likes him.". Just now he patted the young master on the head and scolded him, but the young master did not say a word. I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't believe it was the young master I saw every day. Said the driver. Eh? The old man on the opposite side was puzzled for a moment and said, "It seems that this boy still has some abilities.". Haoyu that child although more mischievous, but it is always only serve the strong, it seems that the boy does have something outstanding. Where is he now? Bring him back to me. "Chief, pumpkin seed extract ,lycopene for skin, he's gone." Said the driver. Forget it. Send someone to check his background. I really want to meet this boy in person. Said the old man opposite. Yes, sir. The driver answered and then hung up the phone. After leaving the police station, Ye Qian recruited a taxi and told the driver according to the address given by the old man. The driver was obviously stupefied, surprised to turn his head and look at Ye Qian, but still did not figure out the identity of Ye Qian. He has been in Kyoto City for so long. Of course, he knows this place. It is not a place where ordinary people can go. Old Kyoto mostly knows that decades ago, there were a lot of courtyards in the western suburbs, such as the General Staff Department, the General Political Department, the ministries and commissions, and so on, but the real enough courtyards are concentrated in a few alleys behind Beihai Park, which is only separated from the core power organs of the country by a "Beihai". With the change of the times, many hutongs have become high-rise buildings rising from the ground, but several hutongs dotted with green shade and backed by Beihai still maintain their original style, the only change is that there is no sense of decay in the twilight of the last century. Can live here, that is what level of people, you can imagine.
Ye Qian is naturally not clear about these, for a person who has just set foot in Kyoto, everything here is at a loss. However, Ye Qian has been used to others with all kinds of strange eyes to see themselves, it does not matter at all. Glancing at the driver, Ye Qian said, "What's wrong?"? Is there a problem? Still don't want to go? "No, no." The driver hurriedly answered and hurriedly started the car and drove toward the address given by Ye Qian. No matter what Ye Qian's status is now, even if he is only a guard there, it is not something he can offend. If you drive a taxi, you can't afford to offend anyone. In the city of Kyoto, it's better to pretend to be a coward if you can pretend to be a coward. It's uncertain that a person who comes out casually is a relative of a certain office-level cadre. Ye Qian did not speak all the way, but turned his head and looked out of the window at the scenery, remembering the landmark buildings along the way one by one. Ye Qian did not want to come to Kyoto, but the old man's command, let him have to set foot here, followed by an appointment of Song Ran, Ye Qian had to stay. Since he wants to stay here for a period of time, it is necessary for Ye Qian to find out everything here, at least, not to let himself stumble here. My father's godfather, isn't that my godgrandfather? It's just, I don't know if I'll be as stubborn as the old man. However, since his father will recognize him as a godfather, it is estimated that the old man is not a simple character, right? Ma Dehong? Ye Qian said the name slightly. Suddenly, Ye Qian's mind was excited. Isn't that little boy also surnamed Ma? Is it one of his people? Think carefully, Ye Qian smiled faintly,jujube seed powder, this year there are many people with the same name, let alone just the same surname. In the city of Kyoto, it is estimated that there are countless people surnamed Ma. How can each of them have something to do with him? They think too much. prius-biotech.com