Автор Тема: Hello, God. Goodbye, God.  (Прочитано 406 раз)

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Hello, God. Goodbye, God.
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Aunt and uncle are not at home. That's good. Senior sister will teach you seriously. Rong Duo put the book on the tea table and motioned to Nie Feng, but Nie Feng went directly into the room as if no one was watching, leaving the stunned Rong Duo and the big eyes staring at the small eyes. Xiao Nie? Rong Duo brought the book to the room in a good voice. She thought he meant to teach in the room, but he was turned over as soon as he entered the room. Posters-posters on the wall-cool posters-posters of beautiful women-posters without clothes.. Rong Duo's old face finally rubbed red, but the brain did not strike, this boy is playing guerrilla warfare, right? "Xiao Nie, not senior sister said you, ah, you are still young and your body is not fully developed, so these things had better contact less, otherwise it will affect the body." Rong Duo began to speak earnestly, and her eyes shone with a sly light. Nie Feng's face slightly changed, in fact, his face is also some suspicious flush, at this time leaning on the chair legs are still on the table of random movements but have an indescribable awkwardness: "How do you know I am not fully developed?" "Cough.." You will know this later. It seems that you will learn biology in the second year of high school. Your senior sister will give you a lesson soon. These will come to an end first. You can go to Baidu on the Internet when you are free. "Oh, so that's it. Does Baidu know all these things?" Nie Feng is not ashamed to ask. Cough.. Rong Duo coughed lightly and was about to explain when the doorbell rang. Open the door. The kid said in the affirmative, that's an order. Rong Duo curled her lips and replied with a gentle smile: "Good." The door just opened, a familiar face reflected in the eyes, Rong Duo looked up to the sky and sighed: "This world is really wonderful …" Hello, Mr. Qi Yijun. "Nie yuan?" Looking at the people outside the door, Rong Duo opened her mouth slightly and asked uncertainly. Remembering the ambiguity in the car, Rong Duo felt uncomfortable all over, but he didn't contact himself these days, and as soon as he was relieved, he met again. "Rong Duo?" Nie yuan breathed out in surprise, "Why are you here?" Two people entered the room together, Rong Duo avoids the poster on the wall to reply softly: "Er,turmeric extract powder, I am to do tutor for Nie Feng, you how?" "Oh, I'm cousin Nie Feng.". What a coincidence. Although it was afternoon, the curtains were drawn for the most part, the light inside was not bright, Nie Feng's white face flushed down, the corners of his mouth gradually pulled out a touch of ridicule radian, like a cocoon-like accusation and supercilious self-mockery, but no one saw this expression. After the pleasantries, Rong Duo had already taken out the prepared test paper: "Nie yuan, I can't talk with you if I want to be a tutor, and so can Xiao Nie." Why don't you go outside and watch TV first? Rong Duo looked up at Nie yuan's meaningful eyes. At that moment, Nie yuan's eyes changed and he appreciated the posters around him. Rong Duo was embarrassed again and had to look at Nie Feng: "Xiao Nie, let's start making up lessons. Sit down!" Unexpectedly, phycocyanin spirulina ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Nie Feng sat upright with unusual cooperation and took the test paper and began to brush it. A class is very relaxed, even before Rong Duo originally saw a lot of deviated ideas are not useful, in fact, Nie Feng since they began formal class after the beginning of silence, most of the time in the side of meditation, occasionally glance at the wall, face is very serious. At four o'clock in the afternoon, Rong Duo put all the books and papers into her bag and smiled at Nie yuan: "If you don't understand anything, ask me. I'll call you and remind you again. If you don't make up lessons, remember to say hello to me. I don't have to come.". In fact, you are very clever. Through this lesson, Rong duo exactly understand Nie Feng's math is not so bad, even very good, what kind of do not need the main points can pass, the afternoon of the paper is Rong duo in order not to be despised by him to pick out the most comprehensive knowledge of the most accurate one, but he can finish all in an hour, and the accuracy rate is extremely high. Occasionally do not understand the place is also a little bit of Rong Duo.
The meaning of Rong Duo's words is that if she feels that she can be a friend, she can take care of him as a sister, and his knowledge does not need to continue to make up lessons at all. Did not expect Nie Feng has not opened his mouth, Nie yuan first opened his mouth: "Duoduo, you do not elevate him, in fact, he is very stupid, you are a great teacher." Nie Feng has not spoken. Rong Duo smiled awkwardly. A week passed quickly, from the second time Nie Feng became extremely clumsy, and left no trace, many times Rong Duo felt that he was deliberately, but really can not find doubts, but also a little bit of heart for him to explain. Almost every time can happen to meet Nie yuan to the younger brother's visit, but Nie Feng is strange more and more silent. At four o'clock on Sunday afternoon, as soon as Rong Duo announced the end of class, Nie yuan would send her home. Nie Feng, who had been silent all the time, dragged her mouth: "Cousin, you go home first. I have something to say to the teacher." With an unknowable tone, Rong Duo felt that Nie Feng was more terrible than Nie yuan, and his young age was unfathomable. Nie yuan nodded magnanimously and left without a sound. Only Rong Duo and Nie Feng were left in the room. All the posters on the wall had been replaced. Now the white wall was refreshing. A poster of Death Note L was pasted at the head of the bed. Rong Duo liked it more and more. At this time, the room had undergone earth-shaking changes with the first time. The first time was terror, and now it's Rong Duo's favorite type. You stay away from him. Nie Feng is not salty not light opening, expression is still smelly fart, but Rong Duo can feel his whole person's gas field has changed, is no longer like that I and you are not familiar with people thousands of miles away posture, Rong Duo even heard a little concern in this sentence. But isn't he your cousin? Rong Duo is still a little curious. Nie Feng disdained to snort: "He is a famous playboy." Rong Duo looked at him, as if he had answered her question. But look at his appearance is really awkward, obviously is concerned about their own, must make such a smelly fart appearance,tannic acid astringent, the child is really immature, Rong Duo can not help but tease: "Ha ha, you are concerned about me?" 。 prius-biotech.com