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Karina Weingard Personal Development Courses
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To be successful in the modern world and live in harmony with yourself is possible only if you constantly improve. Personal growth is a continuous process of self-development. Thanks to him, a person "pumps" his skills, develops useful habits, and easily achieves his goals.

For success, you need to understand what opportunities are inherent in you by nature and be able to use them. But how to reveal hidden resources and learn how to use them as efficiently as possible in practice?

These are the tasks that personal development specialists solve. They study the patterns, various forms, and manifestations of the individual's states, help a person develop his potential.

Who is Karina Weingard

Karina Weingard is a personal development specialist, Doctor of Psychology, creator of the Three Levels of Awareness concept, and author of the books Three Levels of Awareness. Fundamentals of Life Plots ”,“ From Stress to Perfection. Mental problems of a healthy person ”.

By her first education, Karina Weingard is a lawyer, but she had a craving for psychology since early childhood. Karina herself explains her choice in favor of legal education in the following way: “Solzhenitsyn once said that if a person wants to be a writer, he must choose any university, except literary one. Psychology, on the other hand, is a very young science, where there is still much to be done - there is space for creativity. And therefore it is better to go into it as a more or less established person, in order to immediately understand what the professors are talking about. Therefore, you should not go to psychology right after school. In my case, the "springboard" was legal education, or rather, forensic science, that is, drawing up a portrait of a criminal based on evidence from a crime scene. In a sense, this is also psychology. "

Karina Weingard's ability to analyze and assess personality manifested itself in early childhood. Even before school, she could very accurately describe the character of any person, the motives of his actions. This “hobby” greatly frightened the parents, so the father showed the girl to psychotherapists and even looked for shamans and psychics to explain what was happening to his daughter.

However, no deviations in the development of the child were identified. All experts as one stated that the girl has a very high level of empathy - and this is not a disease or a gift, but simply a unique feature that it is desirable to develop.

Therefore, immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Law, Karina Weingard went to study as a psychologist and then defended her Ph.D. thesis in psychology. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology already in Europe, where she founded The Veingard Research Institute for Personality Perfection (Karina Veingard Institute for Personality Development). Read the full info here https://karina-vejngard-specialist-po-lichnostnomu-razvitiju-13.webselfsite.net/