Автор Тема: How do you achieve your goals? Doctor of Psychology Karina Weingard reports  (Прочитано 523 раз)

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The ability to achieve the intended goals is one of the key abilities of a person, on which both his perception of himself and the quality of life in general depend. Achievement of goals fills our life with meaning: when we see what to move towards, we receive energy to realize our desires.

However, on the way to the desired, difficulties inevitably arise, because of which the process is slowed down and may even stop. And then even an optimist can give up - to the point of giving up a dream.

Very often we dissipate energy into many small things, start something new, without finishing the old one. As a result, a load of unjustified hopes accumulates, a person despairs and ceases to believe in himself.

How to be in such situations? How to learn to believe in yourself, determine true goals, and go towards them no matter what? Karina Veyngard, Doctor of Psychology, reports.

For reference: Psychologist Karina Weingard was born and raised in Russia. She has 2 higher educations - legal and psychological, successfully defended her candidate and doctoral dissertations in psychology.

Founder of The Veingard Research Institute for Personality Perfection (Geneva, Geneva) and educational online project Veingard.Ru. Many of her listeners are world-famous personalities - businessmen, politicians, public figures. The Veingard.Ru project is designed for a wide audience - the course allows you to reveal your inner potential, learn to analyze and understand other people, and achieve your goals.

Karina Weingard is also the author of several books and the unique concept of “Three Levels of Mindfulness”, on the basis of which her training and personal development programs are based. Read the full info here https://saint-petersburg.ru/p/380618/