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Nexcopy put out a press release today announcing a USB Type C duplication Copier which is available for immediate purchase. The USB-C200PC is a twenty-target USB-C socket duplicator which is PC-based and loaded with software features.

Via EIN Presswire service, Nexcopy Inc the news release talks about the increased demand is due from Apple housing a USB-C socket for their computers and Iot, or Internet of Things, type products are using the USB-C socket more frequently. Because of this shift, the duplication equipment market has adjusted.

Because the Nexcopy duplicator is PC-based does not mean you will lose functionality and speed. The USB-C200PC is believed to be a 3.1 based technology and will write at the device's maximum transfer rate. USB 3.1 has a theoretical maximum speed of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). Keep in mind that is “theoretical” so your real-world experience will never get that close.

The USB-C200PC ships with the Drive Manager software and includes some fairly trick software features:

Six copy modes
Binary copy mode supports all formats; HFS, Ext2,3,4, Proprietary
Unique data streaming to each USB-C socket
Binary verification
Erase and D.o.D. Erase for disk sanitization
Data collection to extract files off USB-C devices
Intuitive and informative Drive Manager software
Upgradeable to PRO Series for USB-C write protection
Upgradeable to PRO Series for USB-C partitioning
One interesting copy mode is the unique data streaming function. The data streaming function gives a user the ability to put unique data to each USB-C flash drive. This is of particular interest for software publishers and on-demand USB production sent from on-line, front end order fulfillment solutions.

Nexcopy is also well known for the PRO series duplicators that perform advanced functions to flash drives, such as USB write protection (USB read-only), partitions at the controller level, and serial number control for UFD identification. From the press release, these advanced functions will also be available on the USB-C200PC duplicator.

The USB-C duplicator has a list price of $1,299 and is available through on-line retails like Amazon, WalMart.com and NewEgg. If you are outside the United States, the product is available through a worldwide network of authorized resellers.

Nexcopy did allude to larger models coming out in the months ahead. It appears the manufacturer will introduce a 40 target and 60 target USB-C duplicator later in the year.