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One of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays is soccer betting, loved by many people. It allows players not only to enjoy thrilling matches but also to earn passive income. However, winning in betting is not an easy task. Therefore, in this article, Wintips will share tricks for always beating the bookmakers in soccer betting.
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The trick of analyzing odds (Soi kèo)
One essential trick in soccer betting is analyzing odds. This process is crucial and significantly affects the outcome of the bets you participate in. By analyzing odds, you can make informed decisions when placing bets.
To effectively analyze odds, gather all necessary information, such as starting lineups, head-to-head history, current form, and playing density of the two teams. You can find this information on soccer news websites or betting forums, which will increase your chances of winning when betting.
Going against the crowd
Most bettors tend to place bets based on popular opinions, thinking it is the safest approach. However, betting with the crowd always carries higher risks. Bookmakers adjust the odds based on the number of bets placed, aiming to ensure their profit. Therefore, games with odds leaning toward one side will have lower winning probabilities.
First-half betting trick
Experienced bettors often base their bets on the Full Time (FT) odds. If, after the first 25-30 minutes of the match, the FT odds are still -0.5, the winning probability can reach up to 80%. This is one of the soccer betting tricks that can lead to easier victories.
Red card betting trick
This betting trick, if applied skillfully, can lead to an 85% winning rate. It involves betting on red cards shown to players during the match. If the odds remain unchanged, it is called a 'draw no bet' situation. When a strong team is beaten by an underdog, you can benefit from this trick.
Betting on the handicap 3/4
This trick is commonly used when there is a significant difference in the two teams' forms. For the handicap 3/4, you are either fully winning or fully losing. Monitoring match developments, such as substitutions or red cards, will help you win in these bets. Sometimes, even strong teams can be defeated by weaker ones, making this trick useful for many bettors.

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Avoid placing too many bets
You don't need to place too many bets on various options. Whether you are an experienced bettor or a newcomer, it is better to focus on one or two bets with the highest odds and perceived safety. Avoid placing bets with good winning chances, such as 1/2 odds or 1.5 handicaps for underdogs.
Avoid emotional betting
Sometimes, due to your affection for a particular team, you might place bets in favor of that team. While this is acceptable for recreational purposes, it should not be a regular practice if you are serious about making money through soccer betting. Instead, make rational decisions based on thorough analysis.
Refer to different bookmakers
Each bookmaker offers different odds for the same match. Therefore, you should consult multiple bookmakers to make a decision on where to place your bet for a particular game. This will provide you with useful insights and increase your chances of success.
Capture screenshots of your bets
One of the soccer betting tricks that can give you peace of mind is capturing screenshots of your bets. As online betting may sometimes experience system errors, having evidence like screenshots helps you review your betting history.
Choose reputable bookmakers
Participating in betting with reputable and professional bookmakers will give you peace of mind and a safer betting experience. Below are some criteria to help you choose a reputable bookmaker
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In conclusion, Wintips has shared with you tricks for always beating the bookmakers in soccer betting. We hope that with this information, you will gain more experience when engaging in soccer betting."