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Best Way to Farm Gold in Diablo 4
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Like its predecessors, Diablo 4 operates on a resource system with Gold playing a major role. Accumulating Gold allows players to purchase better equipment and upgrades.

Players can obtain Gold in a variety of ways throughout Sanctuary. Some of the most effective methods involve repeatedly clearing Nightmare Dungeons. Others involve completing open-world events, including World Bosses.


The main way that players earn gold in Diablo 4 is by selling unwanted gear to vendors. This method is best for players who want a consistent and reliable source of income. However, players can also make a substantial amount of gold by leveling up their Renown activities and participating in World Events.

Anica's Claim and Dead Man's Dredge are two of the most popular dungeons for farming in Diablo 4. These dungeons feature high concentrations of enemies that drop valuable loot, including enchanting materials and rare equipment. Players can increase the amount of gold they earn by clearing these dungeons on Nightmare difficulty, which increases monster drops by 15%.

Players can also increase their gold earnings by selling gear that they haven't equipped and completing World Events and Helttide events. Completing these activities will earn players a considerable amount of gold, as well as crafting and legendaries. Players can also slay all the enemies in an area to obtain a significant amount of gold.


While killing enemies and completing dungeons can yield significant amounts of gold, it's also important to sell any gear that's not necessary for your build. Selling unwanted equipment at weapon and armour vendors in Sanctuary can net players a sizable profit.
Another great way to make money is by clearing dungeons, particularly those with high drop rates. Nightmare dungeons, for instance, have a significant chance to drop Sacred and Ancestral items that can be sold to vendors. Moreover, some dungeons such as Uldur's Cave or Dead Man's Dredge have multiple exits, which can allow you to clear the dungeon several times to earn more gold.

Additionally, leveling up your Renown can also provide players with significant gold rewards. In fact, every ten steps in the tier grants players with 10,000 gold. Players can gain Renown by completing quests, clearing dungeons, and participating in World Events. In addition, players can find Greed Shrines in the game world and dungeons, which increase monster gold drops for a limited time.
World Events

Some of the best ways to earn gold in Diablo 4 are by completing World Events. These special activities can range from defending a location from waves of enemies to hunting down powerful bosses. Players who participate in these events can earn a significant amount of gold and other valuable rewards, including gear, crafting materials, and even Legendary items.

Other great ways to earn gold in diablo 4 gold chain icon include completing side quests, killing Treasure Goblins, and farming dungeons that are rich with enemies. Dungeons like Anica's Claim and Dead Man's Dredge offer high gold yields due to their high concentration of foes.

Lastly, players can also earn significant amounts of gold by selling their unwanted weapons and armor to the Blacksmith. Selling lower-level gear will not only earn players gold, but it will also help them level up their character's power, making completing dungeons and grinding through the game easier. Similarly, players can sell duplicate unique items for much more gold than the original item.

Events in Sanctuary

In Diablo 4, gold is a precious resource players need to upgrade their gear, unlock new end-game content and craft new items. There are many ways to earn this in-game currency, including completing World Events, dungeons, and other activities.

Throughout the game, players can pick up gold by killing enemies or by selling unwanted gear to vendors. Rare items are worth the most, but even common pieces can sell for a decent amount of money.

The best way to farm gold in the early stages of the game is by completing World Event Bounties. These are quick, easy to complete, and award a decent amount of gold.

Another good method of earning gold is by completing dungeons in the open world. Anica’s Claim and Forsaken Quarry are two fan-favorite dungeons that provide high gold gains. Another great option is the Frozen Tunnel Cellar southwest of Kyovashad. Players can also level their Region Progress to earn a large amount of gold per step.