Автор Тема: QuickBooks Desktop keeps freezing and crashing when I try to open it. Solutions?  (Прочитано 128 раз)

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When QuickBooks Desktop freezes or crashes upon opening, it can be frustrating and can affect your productivity. Here are some solutions that you can try:

Restart your computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the problem. Close all programs, restart your computer and then try opening QuickBooks Desktop again.

Check for updates: Ensure that QuickBooks Desktop is up to date. Go to the Help menu and click on "Update QuickBooks Desktop." If any updates are available, install them.

Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool: This tool helps fix errors that occur during the installation of QuickBooks Desktop. Go to the QuickBooks Tools Hub and click on "Installation Issues." Then, select "QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool" and follow the prompts.

Run Quick Fix my Program: This tool helps fix common QuickBooks Desktop errors. Go to the QuickBooks Tools Hub and click on "Program Problems." Then, select "Quick Fix my Program" and follow the prompts.

Disable antivirus software: Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with QuickBooks Desktop and cause it to freeze or crash. Temporarily disable your antivirus software and then try opening QuickBooks Desktop again.

Check for damaged company files: Open a sample company file to see if the issue is with the company file. If the sample company file opens without any issues, then the problem is with the original company file. You can try to restore a backup of the company file or use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to repair the damaged file.

Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop: If none of the above solutions work, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop.

If none of these solutions work, you should contact QuickBooks technical support at 855 738 0359 for further assistance.